Gnome a Palooza Suggestion (& Pet rescue. Oh, and troop)

Would it be practical to ensure that we actually get 15 minutes of actual fighting rather than loading screens and gnomes /connections being shown please?
Also, if you could perhaps also ensure that we could have maybe 6 battles in explore rather than the current 4, that would be great.
If you take 2 from the pet rescue missions to place in explore, that would be amazing.
Finally, have you ever thought of having a set number of battle wins against a troop (i.e. 5000 wins against mythic troop, 4000 legendary etc) would count that troop as dominated, and as a reward, a copy of that troop be awarded to the dominator for their success? (Maybe 5000 pvp battles or in arena to prevent spamming explore option?).
Thank you for your time and consideration.

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