Gnome-a-Palooza Changes

Doubling it.
If max gold I get for E12 normally is 5935, then during a Palooza it’s 11870.

Never noticed oO Interesting.

At least keys weren’t nerfed :wink:

Well okay the gem key was…


Palooza gnomes must have really small sacks.

I made less than the 60k gold from a regular max-gold treasure gnome (53,927, to be exact) from my first GAP, which really sucks.

Killed 250 gnomes, so about 4.166etc… battles per minute, and it seems I was throttled quite hard anyway.

16 Vault Keys still makes them worth it overall, but man — feels bad to walk away after a Palooza with so little gold.

(Sorry for the poor picture quality. Also realize that, if I continue to collect data, tributes will skew gold, souls, glory, gems, and pet rescues along with other incidental battles I won’t be controlling for might also skew some other columns)

EDIT: I did my math wrong — I average about 200 gnomes dead a Palooza, not 250. So, probs gonna switch the the Sister Superior version to get back into the faster clears because why not if the other rewards will be nerfed no matter how I play :upside_down_face:


Even doing level 12 explores during Gnome-a-Palooza, using my Slayer(Fireblade)+Zuulgoth team, I still get reduced rewards, because the battles are less than a minute long. So there is really no point at all in doing anything but trying to spam as many fights as possible to get just plain vault keys and ignore the reduced rewards.

This change gutted legit players. I can understand if you don’t want players blowing through gnomes for maximum rewards, but when I’m doing Level 12 Explores during GAP using a legit team, I shouldn’t have my rewards penalized at all.

Okay that’s a bad example…

Okay that’s a bad example too, that fight took way longer and two gnomes even got casts off (but didn’t run away).

Let’s try this again… actually, I’ll ditch the Scurvy Seadog for my normal Leprechaun.

Okay… well, let’s try this again, I had two Mech gnomes in there immune to fire. Whoops, I forgot to set my Slayer talent to Firestorm. DOH! Okay, now the fights are way faster. BEHOLD, MY REWARDS:


More Level 12 Gnome-a-Palooza nerfed rewards – you know, as punishment for doing level 12 too fast.

I’ve noticed an interesting bug – sometimes, you can’t scroll to the left to see the rest of the rewards. It gets stuck. I can only hit continue.

That last one looks like normal rewards, they just suck.

Lol… That there is a 50% nerf to rewards. On level 12 difficulty. Yeah okay.



holy i want those soul gnomes. and i mean it oO

If there ever was a dev studio modeled after these cops, we found it. :rofl:

Haha…that was shown on purpose. Brag all about it, @igniteice :smiley:

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Then along with this adjustment, either add more mana cost for the gnomes or decrease the chance of them running away.

Loading is a big factor on speed. 1) So the most efficient way is to change your physical location close to GoW server. 2) get a gamers router with gigabit speed or use 5g connection on mobile (means upgrade your device)

After doing a couple GAPs myself and looking here on the forums, my suggestion to ALL players, regardless of how new/old you are, do battles as quickly as possible. GAP is no longer a mass-resource flow; it is a VK grind. You are going for VKs ONLY - doing significantly slower battles for more significant resource rewards does not outweigh what you would get from a bunch more VKs.


Verse 1 Gnome really have a crush on me. :joy: :rofl: :clap:

This is downright embarrassing and pathetic. I’m becoming more solidified in my choice to finally walk away from the game. Even Explore 12s you are getting punished.

LOL Folks keep forgetting that this is a “free-to-play” game.


Indeed, better spoken words I have not seen for a long time. Thank you my friend. :blue_heart: :clap:

Sure the game is free to play, however you can still expect them to do better. I don’t care if a game is free to play or paid for up front. You call out bad game design when you see it. Progression should never be punished.


Likewise free players forget that without paying players they don’t have a game.



Indeed its a free to play game. However its not a reason for player to endure everything IP2 do to them. The players state their problem and then IP2 reconsider or they keep their opinion with all the consequences. Thats all there is to it.

And the current nerf is a punishment for every player regardless if they are f2p or p2w (more pay to progress)


Rewards are random - sometimes delightful like:

And other times, kinda frustrating - with an Epic Vault key:

But the bottom line is it’s random and that’s cool - I don’t want EVERYTHING handed to me straightaway…now where is that last darned Music Gnome hiding?!