Gnome-a-Palooza Change

Nerfing troops would just lead to a running battle between the players and the devs, as the devs keep nerfing troops & the players keep using teams that break their 1 battle per 50 seconds.
And if they nerf Ironhawk, I want the resources I spent to get multiple copies for low level farming (outside of GAP) back. Pay me in crafting resources.
Putting a nerf on resources for playing “too fast” in a TIMED EVENT is like being challenged to a race, and you can choose to either have your left foot chopped off, or your right foot chopped off.


I leveled all 34 classes to level 100 nearly 2 years ago and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I basically never did any battle with a class that was already at 100, except for Guild Wars if I had to. When you no longer have to care about Hero Class experience, you can finally use whatever class best suits the team. That’s one of the main things I hear from players is that they can’t level up classes because they feel like they have to use ones they’ve already gotten to 100 first (like Sunspear, Titan, Frostmage, etc.).

The fact is, you cannot blow through explores for gnome weekends or gnome-a-palooza with your hero. You HAVE to use 2-3 Ironhawks and 1-2 Empowered troops. There is no way around it.

And I think that’s a very important thing that the devs carelessly ignore, because not EVERYONE who is using those teams has every class maxed. A lot of players probably are doing hundreds and hundreds of battles and forgoing a lot of hero experience in that time. Remember, to get a class from level 1 to 100 requires 5050 battles (@ 1 XP per battle). For all classes, that’s 171,700 battles, each one with a hero that isn’t already at 100.

And a lot of fights, you WANT to use your Level 100 class, especially for every class that has Fortitude or Fireblade (all the others are kind of trash… Thieves’ Guild and Lord of Storms which give 1 Magic on 4 matches and when allies cast a spell are okay).

Lets just be real.

That first 24 hours was to appease all the people who came on the forum and lost their minds when they found out how rare the campaign and gnome troops were.

Their nerf of the verse gnomes in GaP was warranted. It should have been done before release when the beta testers told them the rewards were borked. They knew exactly what was going to happen.

What it seems the devs didn’t know because they don’t look at the game, just spreadsheets with $ amounts on them was that even new players get Rowanne early on and can one shot exp 1-3. Even with the first change new players were able to stock up.

What annoys me most of all is their cowardly attitude. They blame that 1% for the nerf and are taking no responsibility for themselves ignoring the beta testers.

For those itching to use the flag button.

Coward - a person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things.

If that doesn’t describe a person or group of people who can’t accept responsibility and put the blame on others then please show me a better term. Thanks.


For what it’s worth, the fact that this time they didn’t sold verses for real money got me worried for the next gnome weekend

Hero talent xp, the ones that give your hero xp not the class. Probably doesn’t matter to you if you’re over 1500 tho.
Just trying to clarify.

You still get hero XP even when you don’t use your hero though. It’s only class XP you don’t get.


I would suggest that gnome levels matter.
A stage 12 explore gnome a palooza should be more beneficial than a stage 1 explore gnome a palooza.

They matter, don’t they? If you play stage 1 explore you only get about 20% of rewards, no matter how long you fight. If you play stage 12 explore you get full rewards if you play for about a minute.

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I can do level 12 explore in 30-40 seconds though, and the rewards are nerfed the same. So no, it doesn’t matter. Being able to one cast shot a level 1 explore is very different than being able to blow through level 12s in 30 seconds with a good team.


The discussion was about gnome levels making a difference, which they do. A level 12 explore battle that takes 30 seconds has significantly higher (or, if you prefer, less nerfed) gnome rewards than a level 1 explore battle that takes 30 seconds.

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But gnome rewards are the same no matter what difficulty you do them on… that’s WHY players were doing level 1 explores during Gnome-a-Palooza. I don’t know what you’re actually talking about. If I kill a glory gnome at level 12, it can drop up to 1000 glory. If I kill the same gnome at level 1, it can drop up to 1000 glory. The time in between battles and how fast those battles are will determine how much that is reduced, regardless of difficulty level.


Not within a Palooza they’re not. Not anymore.

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Got these screenshots from our Alliance.




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The rationale behind the change (" if a battle is completed too quickly or if the enemies are too easy, rewards will be reduced proportionally.") is that players are going to blow through level 1 explores much faster than level 12. And that’s true. The fact is though that the rewards from a level 12 are still capable of being nerfed – not because the enemy level is too low, but because the fight can be completed too fast. With level 1 difficulty, both boxes are checked. With level 12, only the “too quickly” box gets checked. I posted about it here actually, 4 days ago:

My argument with Fourdottwoone is because of the statement made that “If you play stage 12 explore you get full rewards if you play for about a minute.”

In my posts which I just linked to, I argue that I should get full rewards no matter the length, because I’m not going to sit in a level 12 explore for longer than I have to. If I can beat it in 30 seconds, I will.

Which brings me to the main point: level 1 is just better, because vault keys and epic vault keys can’t be reduced any further, so you’ll always get more keys doing level 1 than you will level 12.

I could see an argument for doing level 12 IF the rewards were never nerfed regardless of duration of fight, because then you get more gold, more rewards, and more medals… but until then, it’s just a waste of time to sit around in a level 12 for exactly a minute just to get “max” rewards. You’re better off trying to fit as many level 12 fights in as you can. It’s better to do 2 level 12s per minute than 1, for instance. And by that logic, it’s better to do 4 level 1s per minute than 2 level 12s, since keys are what you should be after.



But all of that sort of misses the point.

Here’s how I read the exchange:

Person 1: “I’d like to see a system implemented where rewards scale with difficulty”

Person 2: “That already exists, actually, because the nerf didn’t only affect time-of-battles, but also difficulty of battles; ie: level 1 explore can never payout more than 20% of what used to drop, whereas level 12 can pay 100% of what used to be on offer (but only if one plays slow — not worth it, of course, and I don’t think Person 2 ever suggested otherwise)”

Person 3: Erroneously states level of explore has no effect on rewards — it can, one just wouldn’t notice unless one purposefully took a long time during test fights on Explore 1 vs. Explore 12 to remove battle-time as a throttling-variable in order to isolate the battle-difficulty variable (like, a battle that took 5 minutes in Explore 1 would drop from a 200-Glory Gnome only 40 Glory — 20% — whereas the same gnome in Explore 12 after a 5 minute fight would drop its usual 200 Glory). So, this would affect rewards, but not in a practical sense because the nerfs aren’t compounding (it seems), but rather are an else-if situation of choosing the minimum — either the “too easy” or “too fast,” rather than both (if I’m understanding the other thread correctly).

Person 4: States (perhaps unhelpfully) a much more blunt and less elaborated explanation elaborated upon in this post.

Then there are some pictures and other data points before this current portion of the thread.

Tl;dr: 1 — One should go for speed and Vault Keys in the Palooza, agreed
2 — One will not notice a difference in nerf severity if one plays quickly regardless of difficulty, agreed, because in that case time is the throttler, rather than difficulty
3 — It is incorrect to assert that difficulty has no bearing on potential rewards, as it absolutely will for anyone who chooses to be slow in their fights: for anyone where difficulty is the throttle, rather than time (which, again, should be no one, but that doesn’t change the basic functioning of the nerf-equation as-derived from extensive community tests)


Lol, nice parsing of the multiple conversations going on and summation. I think everyone is in violent agreement on going all in low level quick kill GaP as the strategy.

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Based on the findings so far there’s a corner case where you might want to run a different strategy. Suppose the next vault event is still way off and you need a large amount of a specific resource that can’t be obtained well from vault keys, e.g. glory. Then you might want to run GaP at an explore level that roughly matches your team score and can be completed fast, e.g. explore 6. Finish battles that don’t contain your preferred gnome fast, wait with the killing blow up to 50 seconds for those that do.

It’s cherry picking, you’ll get way above average of the resource you want and way below average of the resource you don’t want. Note that you don’t have to do anything on-screen while you wait for max rewards to kick in, you can even tab out to your favorite forum. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Glory is a bad example, because you only need glory for 3 things 1) 10 event keys a week. 2) Weekly troop. 3) Extra glory chests beyond glory keys.
None of those things are critical. The first one is easy to get just by playing PVP & getting tributes. Even the weekly troop eventually winds up in chests. The third one is a luxury. That’s why glory tends to pile up. You’re wasting potential vault keys for glory, that’s a horrible trade.


Hey, I open glory for gems. End gamer here, all I need can drop there. Glory keys/glory are now the most important for me.

Terrible suggestion. Leave ironhawk alone