Gnoma-a-Palooza Changes

LoL of course you would say that. :rofl:

Wait there where was an event going on I was sleeping.


Bruhhhhhhhhhhh. :flushed:

I had to work all day. saw and read some things and was excited to try the event. Got zero verses during my gnome event and now something that seemed exciting and fun, is just a disappointment. Great job devs.


Yes, the GAP loop was unbalanced.

But so is the AI’s double hit skull damage. So unbalanced, in fact, that it makes just about everything except low challenge fights unplayable. (I did try lowering the speed, but it is excruciating.)

GAP was about the only thing that might have made logging in this weekend enjoyable. But now that it’s nerfed, and finding a specific verse can take hours, it’s either grind your face off… or pay up. So instead of having fun, we get to be reminded of what the worst P2W games are like.


One bug is unbalancing but great fun; another bug breaks most of the game.

Devs, you could have let us have a bountiful weekend, and fixed GAP at the same time as the other bug.

But, alas. :cry:


Last thing from me for a bit…

  • The changes to the encounter rate were easier to deploy, as they only required a server push This meant we could do them on our end without needing a more major update. Also, changing the numbers on a drop rate is very different to fixing a bug, which takes time with reproducing, finding a fix, and deploying that fix. (A fix which often requires a client update.)

  • We have a fix for the double hit skull AI issue, but it requires a client fix. Unfortunately everytime a client fix is made we need to do a new build of the game, and each time we release a new build it must pass certification across all of our platforms. That is the reason we could change the encounter rates quickly, but can’t speed up the release of the fix for the double hit skull AI issue.

I wanted to be transparent about why one thing can be done quickly, while another may take more time.


Just when I thought there would be no good news

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That’s some good soup!!!


Thanks for the transparency! Makes sense why a bug fix and changing encounter rates would be different.


I just did 30 minutes worth and didn’t see a single mana surge gnome, with my battles lasting a few seconds a piece. Over nerfed?


Ooo the theoretics of the bug fix / server push. :laughing:

Same - def over nerfed.


So, we can return to normal life? Boomer.

Double hit skull fix is top 1 priority for sure. I’m level 1200+ and now I can die on Pet events that’s crazy.


But hey you can spend 30 bucks on verses to do 15 minutes of the event, meanwhile people were able to bank 10+ hours of the event as a reward for playing at the right time.


Yeah , they should let the bug for whole weekend. :sweat_smile:


Any nerf was going to be understandable, glad I had the time to grind when I could yesterday. It has helped me stock up resources and giving me quite a bit of gold to donate on Monday for my guild anniversary. Thanks devs for letting us keep what we grinded :+1:


So true it’s crazy :crazy_face:

I understand why one is a quick fix and the other isn’t. But it would have been nice if the quick fix had been intentionally… delayed… for long enough for everyone to get some joy. (I feel for those who didn’t get the chance, and, yes, was myself very disappointed when the verses started to dry up.)

BTW, I played a round in Bright Forest: the dooms were not being replaced with gnomes and rewards were for 3 gnomes only.

I was going to try it again to confirm what I observed before posting it as a bug, but I may not have the patience to hunt down more verses.


Maybe it’s the same on what happens on pvp, the hero is not replaced but you do got a 4th gnome reward.

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