Gnoma-a-Palooza Changes

Thanks for the rapid response and also for this amazing new Event!


I’ve seen 2 over the last 2 hours

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Just adding: I am not surprised by the nerf, but am disappointed.

I only got one GAP. It didnt give me enough verses for another. For the first time in ages I farmed explore. Three hours later I still didnt have enough verses. But no problem, I actually enjoy grinding if theres a reward to it. I know soon Ill be able to loop GAPs.

Andddd nope. No more looping. Not sure Ill bother with more grinding. Waiting to see exactly how much the rates changed.


Let us have our supercharged gnome spawns for ONE day! ;-;

I came back to this game and was pleased to see a brand new awesome event (according to everyone else) and by the time I am able to participate in it, you all nerf it. Thanks for reminding me of why I quit playing years ago.


Just to answer some things mentioned above, you can still encounter the Mana Surge Gnomes in a Gnome-a-Palooza, but the chance is much lower than before.

They have the same encounter rate outside of the Gnome-a-Palooza as before, this has not been changed. You have a chance of encountering the Mana Surge Gnomes in every place you can find Gnomes. (Unlike Pet Gnomes they don’t only appear in PVP and Arena.)

Lastly, the Mana Surge members have the same encounter chance. If you are seeing more of one than another this is due to RNG.


Thanks for nothing


Unless you changed something, pet gnomes can still be found in Arena.

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Just out of curiosity. Would your team have known if it wasn’t for everyone running their mouths on the forums?



They keep track of what they mail out — pity key counters alone would have been enough for the suits to go, “Oh, :poop:.”

But, I mean, knowledgeable people had been warning this exact outcome would be coming for weeks prior to release, so…

…why didn’t anyone listen, if it was such a problem? :man_shrugging:


I remember when the second group of seal chest troops came out it was broken and you could get them in regular gold chests. I missed that opportunity too lol. Stupid job and family always getting in the way

I rarely bothered grinding for gnomes. I did this time for the awesome GAP looping. I actually did explore for once, I don’t even do that for campaign tasks.

Without GAP looping, I don’t know if grinding is worth it. I will see how this works out for others.

I don’t disagree with band gnomes appearing less during GAP. I just wish that was the design from the getgo. Instead I got excited because grinding was worthwhile, but didn’t get to play mich today and now am out of luck.


Thanks @Saltypatra

The person that fixed this is clearly your best coder/programmer. Can you please deploy her/him to fix the other bugs too?

I reckon it won’t take more than 1-2 weeks at this rate.



I knew this was coming now i can be freeeeee.


Well, i’m glad it’s been fixed as it would have made resources almost pointless. Glad I and other regular loyal players got in on some of the madness, and I feel for the regular players who didn’t manage to luck in on the GOP.

Look on on the bright side though - at least you aren’t coming onto an official forum, freely admitting that you threw your toys out of the pram and stopped playing “years ago”, whilst complaining that you weren’t given things for free this time. Now, THAT would be embarrassing :joy:


Lmao yeah me too. I was furiously grinding all day. Now I can have a life this weekend. Disappointing but at the same time happy I don’t have to spend every waking second grinding away.

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They fixed this quick because its hurting their cash flow which is priority #1. Bugs are like priority #25


Oooo forum Drama’s :open_mouth:

Even with the nerf it still makes vault weekends far better than they used to be.


Ah I see, thanks.

What a fool I am!