Global Chat Missing

I’ve might have missed some news, but has the Global Chat feature not made it to 1.0.9? I don’t see the new bubbles.

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I can see it now, reload the game and it will be there (probably).

It was deliberately held back to manage server issues according to a post a few hours ago.

Edit: I still don’t see it, so maybe it’s a slow roll-out, if @shimrra has it already?

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I also didn’t see it. Where’s it? :3 Just in case I miss it

They’re probably slowly ramping it up to 100% available.

Close game, reopen game, blue/green bubbles in the top right as shown in previews?

If it isn’t there yet for you, then Studs is probably correct as above.

It popped-up for me after I claimed my tribute.

I can confirm, it’s working now for me

We have steam chat turned on… iOS will be turned on shortly… Android gets to go last (because there are so many of you guys!!!)


Roger that. Am Android. Sits and patiently waits :innocent: