Glitch in troop that does all team damage

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Platform, device version and operating system:
Windows 7 / Android

Screenshot or image:

Will try to capture this on video since it happens a lot more frequently since 4.0 came out

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
When a troop such as Krystenax, Behemoth, The Dragon soul (equal damage) - there is a skip that happens and one troop on opponent side will not get any damage applied to it

For example today - Kry fired off (26 points to all enemies), picking red (12) to other team’s troops (3 left on the board) - middle one had 11 hit points - First one gets the ‘32’ dies, next one gets flash but no points, 3rd gets ‘32 points’ and dies.

The thing have noticed is that if it doesn’t announce the point damage it doesn’t apply it. And I noticed it always happens in the middle. There is no point animation either

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
On a given day - maybe 4 or five times, especially if it is a repeat attack

Steps to make it happen again
Have Troop that does damage to all troops on other side
Have a troop on the other side - NO SHIELD/BARRIER in the middle that has less than the troop firing off.
Fire off attack
Monitor all hit points applied and see what happens.

Btw, I am not sure if it is because of the other troops dying and interfering or what - but it always happens if two die and the third should have died.

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Very strange. Are you sure that the opponent troop werent Submerged?

Positive. Submerge also moves out of the way and has swirling stuff.

No, this had been happening infrequently before 4.0 and now with 4.0 I’ve noticed it even more. I just had it happen in the Delves again. This time it was the Orge who didn’t die.

I plan on figuring out how to record on the phone the game.

I see. I have not seen or heard of any other reporting this issue. Hopefully you will get it solved soon.

Is it only happening if other troops die?
Because there is that one talent that allows their hero to barrier one troop when another dies.
In delves though, I have no clue :smiley:

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Thanks for this! It would be super helpful if you have any screenshots or videos

Working on getting the game to record on my android. Once I get it - then I can just record and capture this.

No, it’s not shield (That has a nice glowy shieldness to the troop) - I’ve been trying to figure this out for while.

Just to be clear with your replication steps, this made me a bit confused. I thought the issue was that a Troop such as Krystenax, on your team, is supposed to do damage to all enemies, but the damage animation is not applying to some Troops.

  1. Have Krystenax on your team and the enemy team
  2. Have a Troop in the 2nd or 3rd Slot without barrier (shield)
  3. Cast Krystenax
  4. Notice that the 2nd or third enemy does not take damage

Is that correct?


  1. What game-mode does this typically occur in?
  2. Is it only with Krystenax and behemoth?
  3. What Troops are on the enemy or opposing team?
  4. Do the Troops that don’t play the damage animation (are missed by krystenax) appear to take damage?

Yes that is completely correct.

Question 1 Answer:
Graphics Quality High
Animation speed 1.5
Blur Quality Off

Question 2 Answer: The Dragon Soul are the three I use the most. I haven’t done much with anyone who does damage to all troops.

Question 3 Answer: Yesterdays troops -Trolls, and Firebombs

Question 4 Answer: Nope - the points stay the same in fact that’s why I have noticed this, especially when there are 11 points left and I do 16 + points damaged and everyone else has died.

Still working on getting my phone to record. Last two products don’t like running at the same time as the game.

Btw, thank you very much for taking the time to ask these questions. I’ve been puzzled by this. I actually have started doing my own bug tracking sheet, because I want to see if it’s only happening with the Delves, or Towers or what not.

I just wish I had a good recording tool for recording on the android – what does your QA team use?

I think game mode refers to PvP, Explore, etc. in this case :slightly_smiling_face:

(also, I’ll keep my eye out for this as well)

It’s an interesting possibility, especially re: sequence of ‘to all’ effects.

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Thanks @Taisiakat I’ve made a report for QA to look into. I’ll ask what they record with. I indeed mean what game mode (e.g. pvp or explore) this occurs in.

if you notice this happen again please let us know the exact team you are using, and who is on the enemy team, what Traits and status effects both you and the enemy have.

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Hey @Taisiakat the QA team sometimes record with another device, depending on the issue, for Android (usually detailed reproduction steps is enough for them unless it’s a weird visual problem). Otherwise a dev team member suggested they use a program called AZ Screen Recorder available from Google Play, though I can’t officially endorse the use of a third party application nor do we hold responsibility for any use of third party programs and the risk they may incur (sorry I have to disclaimer!).

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Will do. This week has been Raids been using the new troop.

Haven’t done much with anything else.

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The team haven’t been able to reproduce your issue. Can you please provide the video (if you get the chance) or the exact Team you are using vs exactly who is on the enemy team and their Traits?

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