Giant Spider rework but no refund?


Any chance at getting Giant Spider added to the list of refundable monsters? A lot of monsters that got much smaller changes were put on the list but this creature got a completely skill rework and was left off. I understand that the original post says they will be offered “when we make balance changes to a troop with a net negative result” and that are completely at the discretion of the dev team but it’s hard to measure the change in this case because the ability was completely reworked to do something very different from what it did before.

The two abilities cannot be reasonably compared and thus are not net negative or positive but instead completely different. In cases like these refund should be offered as well as it can completely change the troops dynamic and team value. This may be a relative minor troop that most people don’t care about but I feel it sets a bad precedent for future changes.


Yeah, that’s reasonable. We didn’t add it as we didn’t consider it a nerf, but we’ll add it in the next 24 hrs or so.


is there an official thread we can put these? I wouldn’t have know about this response and with everything going on yesterday i know i missed some posts.


We’re keeping track of most changes here, at the top of the thread: