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Gems won't match - Frozen board

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I guess when there are 24+ gems of the same colour on the board, it freezes, and gems won’t match. Then I have to restart the game. It happened about dozen times in one day and it is very annoying.What are the steps to make it happen again?
Playing in PVP games.
Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

I was just about to open a thread with this.

I haven’t been able to pinpoint any cause, but it seems to have been happening to me since Winged Bison released.

Often times, it is when there is one of the new summons involved. I thought it was limited to the bison, but I had it today with Fel’Dras.

To me, it seems somehow related to when one of the new summons fails, and then at some point in time, an extra turn is generated by one side or the other.

Again, so far I haven’t figured out a pattern enough for analysis, but perhaps this helps.

Thank you for your input.

Perhaps you are right and it doesn’t have anything to do with large nuber of same colour gems, but that is first what comes to my mind when I look at the board.

I stand corrected, it happened again and this time it isn’t so obvious. I hope this will be fixed soon, it is happening all the time.

Lucky you had Jarl charged in that last one

It wouldn’t matter, because the game freezes and must be forced closed.

Ugh :dizzy_face:

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I was wondering if it happens to you with teams that don’t have any of the “new” version of summon troops?

It just doesn’t seem like it should be connected, but software can be odd.

No, I encountered this only with this team, but I don’t use much of summon troops, so I can’t really compare.

We are aware that there is an issue when using Winged Bison with Jarl. We’re currently looking into what is happening.

So don’t use Jarl with Winged Bison, gotcha!

Bison must not enjoy teaming up with the lord of BBQ. He ain’t sharing his buffalo wings!

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Its not just Jarl/Bison.

Just happened to me:

A few turns before this happened, I used Kraurg while there were 13+ purple on the board and got the “no target available” popup because of a spider swarm already occupying the first slot. The next time I cast Giant Spider, the board froze.

Edit: If it matters, Archer with Skullblade was occupying the first slot originally. Kruarg did not fulfill the summon conditions until the spider swarm was already summoned, though.

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@Mithran thanks for that. I’ll pass it along.

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I had this again, with Fel’Dras. One summon failed for no troop slot, and I never met the red gem conditional again. The game continued fine for quite a few turns (15+) before the freeze showed up.

I just had this happen with Kruarg (standard 13+ purple gems when cast, but no slot available), but this time without using a converter afterward. I cast Kruarg for damage and the summon was blocked due to no slots available, the enemy took their turn, then I cast Kerberos (just damage, no devour) leaving me with a frozen board (the turn counter stayed on my side). My Kerberos is untraited and there were no other summoners on the team. Here is the matchup:

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Is anyone still running into this issue? Anyone heard from the Devs whether it is fixed or not?