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Gems of War Quiz -- Test your knowledge!

Announcing the Gems of War Quiz!


You’re the Hero of a war-torn world in chaos. You’ve faced every challenge you’ve been given and emerged victorious — and learned a thing or two along the way. But how well do you really know the myriad denizens of Krystara? Take a 20-question quiz to test your knowledge!

Each quiz is randomly generated (though a permalink exists at the bottom that you can use if you want to challenge a friend, or report a bug to me). After you’re done, you can check your answers, and see links to the troops referenced by the quiz.

Special thanks goes to @MrSnake, whose brainchild this whole thing was, and without whom I would never have considered the project. He is in the process of developing something very similar for the amazing community Discord server, which will be a head to head, timed quiz against your friends! If you like, treat the Gems of War Database version as warmup for the Real Thing. :wink:

Due to the random nature of all the questions, it’s highly likely that there exist some bugs – so if you do find one, please let me know in the comments below. Also, any feedback around the questions would be invaluable. What is too hard? What is too easy? What additional questions would you like to see as I flesh things out?

Enjoy and have fun!


Very nice! I will need to do a video on this tomorrow after all of the event stuff. :slight_smile:


Boo yeah, got 18/20. I don’t blame myself for guessing wrong about Summoner’s rarity, but I’m kicking myself for guessing that Glacial Peaks gives Life when I just 5-starred all the life-giving kingdoms and GP wasn’t one of them.
Awesome quiz :smile:

Nice :smiley:

Did it once, no bugs, got 20/20… felt about the right difficulty as some of those did make me stop and think, and lesser mortals would struggle :smiley:

EDIT: on assessing my score, it failed to inform me that I spend far too much time thinking about and looking at GoW - probably should add those health warnings…

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Also got 18/20, nice quiz!

18/20; missed the ones one the troops I never use. Cool idea, thanks Lyya and Mr.Snake! Looking forward to the competitive version.

Try questions that cite flavour text / @sirrian’s puns / quest dialogue and story ideas, rather than (or as well as) troop facts that can be looked up online? :slight_smile:

Which troop can decrease stats of another troop (excluding normal damage) as part of its spell?
A. Wraith
B. DRACOS 1337
C. Peasant
D. Djinn

Does “steal life” actually lower the max life of the target?

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I have no idea – would need to test that with an Emperina or other healer to know for sure. It’s a good question.

Flavor text is in the troop data, so I can mine for it. Anything external would require some sort of automated link, because I’m much too lazy to keep things up to date otherwise.

Flavour text and quest dialogue can be easily looked up online as well (they’re in Lyya’s website).

There shouldn’t be a problem with the fact that things can be looked up, at least not in this version of the quiz. Much like using cheats in single player games, you only cheat on yourself. Someone who really wants to test themselves has no reason to do it.

Good idea. 17/20 meh :slight_smile:

Not telling me if that’s right or wrong (scoring it as wrong though)…

the difficulty was right
id like to see a few more questions (up to 5) of higher difficulty maybe :slight_smile:

  • select mana cost number: of a (insert troop)
  • select a kingdom where: (insert 2 troops) - in which kingdom’s [class quest] or [last quest of kingdom before the class quest] can you find those troops?
  • select stat numbers for: (insert team bonus name)
  • select a troop to: complete all colors in a team with (insert 3 troops) and have at least 1 team bonus.
  • select a troop that does not match with the rest (via colors, team bonuses, spell effect, kingdom origin, base rarity, mana cost, anything so that 3 have something in common and one not)

you probably forgot to select anything in this question

Just took another quiz, the questions in this one felt a bit repetitive.

For example I was asked “Which troop can heal or increase stats of itself or another troop as part of its spell” four times (though the answer was different each time), and “In which kingdom can you find Arcane Rage Traitstone” twice (that’s a real problem, since the answer has to be the same).

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I think this was a great idea - lots of fun. I did; however, have two identical questions in my quiz.

Keeper was the one I selected though.

That was fun, 20/20. I took a 50/50 shot on two of the questions, though.

In that screenshot, nothing appears to be selected. Perhaps there’s a bug regarding input – I’ll take a look.