Gems of War Horoscope



On that note, what’s your star sign?


Pisces in the house!




I’m technically a Leo. However, I am not a guild leader and never was Paragon and I also don’t think I ever bragged for days about a mythic troop…
…but I think that’s because in reality, I am a bunny. We all know that, right?:rabbit:


Aquarius here.


I’m a Taurus and unfortunately none of it is true for me - well, maybe except for the music part. I don’t have the game music on, but I always have my playlist going as I play. Hopefully that counts. LOL


Im a cancer. Its actually fairly correct lol


Im Capricorn


Leo. Both in game and real life.
Thanks for the reminder that I haven’t been Paragon in 8 months. :flushed:

And just so everyone knows…I got Ubastet on 3 different accounts within 24 hours. (Same could be said about Infernus). :grinning:


I tried to guess which sign was Salty’s from which horoscope sounded like her, and didn’t get it right. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As for my own Aquarian horoscope, it’s maybe half true? I’ve named none of my pets.


So many fellow Aquarians!! The Gems of War horoscope fits us well :smiley:


This is my star sign. It is why everyone loves when I’m around, even though I’m very unsociable.


A Taurean here who shamelessly LOVED the music… for the first 3 months I played, it was always on.

Early request for 3.6 - 1 more looping song inserted into Gems of War radio? :kissing_smiling_eyes:


I’m a Gemini. Been staying away from global for that very reason :slightly_smiling_face:


What did you think I was @actreal?


First use of Atlanta in 2 and a half years


None of them really grabbed me, but I was leaning towards Taurus or Virgo. :smile:


I’m a Leo but I’m far from a natural born guild leader. I was a paragon once while in bracket 2 I will never forget that. I got Draakulis from 4 event keys on my other account at level 36 once and the Yasmine from 20 gems keys before I was level 100. When the tutorial was redone I got Scorpius with my very 1st gem key. Wow these are actually pretty accurate.


Massive burn @jzg!

@actreal I’m a Scorpio. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm. I’m a Capricorn. The description is fitting but I don’t see myself as a Blade Dancer