Gems of War Horoscope



-reads the patch notes
That is very true.
-traitstones left over
Let’s say I have a good handful of wisdom orbs left.
-stay loyal to the guild
Since we’ve switched to Rapscallions, that is also very fitting.


never forgets the time they were the guild wars paragon

Girl PLEASE, I am STILL the MF’IN guild wars paragon!!



“What sign were you born under?”

“Bristol Maternity Hospital”



LOLLL I love this thread. Scorpio here.


haha me and you both. mine is Jan 25th :innocent:


@DEMONorANGEL My B-Day is also Jan 25th…:slight_smile:

If your parents are rich we must have been swapped at birth!!!


Aquarius, obviously, the only explanation for being so randomly inventive.


I’m glad you have all enjoyed this bit of fun we had last week. :slight_smile: