Gems of War Competition Winners Announced!

Wow, my princess made it to the third place :slight_smile: I’m so proud.

Thank you for the opportunity to take part in this competition.

And congratulations to all participants!


congratulations guys, the rewsults surprised me :grin:

now next time we know whats devs taste! :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean what i said. Top 3 voted candidates weren’t in the top 3. You had your voting, but you didn’t. Even consider the community voting. Anyway, you already announced winners so no point explaining, you wont change your decision. I am displeased with the way you picked winners and i wasn’t even participating.

Congratulations to the winners. Well done to everyone involved.

it was clear from the start, the way winners will be chosen


Some people need to show a little less sourness and be happy for the winners. The rules were there to see. What do the runners up win again? Cheers


You didnt circle the part in the second paragraph:
But based , in part, on the votes of the Community.

Now you seem to not support my opinion but thats alright. Its my right to disagree with the way winners were decided, and its your to disagree with me disagreeing. Our opinions wont change anything anyway.

[quote=“Dan_ozzzy189, post:26, topic:26981”]
[/quote] And over what am i sour? I wasnt even in the competition for god sake. .

I’ll just leave this discusion and mute the topic.


Which, if you read the full sentence, means that when they did the judging they had access to information on how the Community had cast votes, to help them to come to their own decision. I suspect you are reading this wrong, there’s nothing in there implying that the Community has an active part in deciding the final winners.

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Maybe ignorance, not sourness then. Not that you’ll read it.

Wowza, this went south in a hurry. Let’s get back on track. It’s an honor to be included in the top ten. From my perch on the couch, you are all winners!


Wasn’t gonna comment but then people started insulting my Guild Leader. :frowning:

Bottom line is this: The official rules stated that the decision would be made solely by the devs BUT would be based, IN PART, on the votes of the community. That is there in black and white.

However, if you keep reading the GoW legal team covered their tushies and stated that reserve the right to modify, change, or cancel the rules at their sole discretion.

As @DrPhoenixJ already stated it is an honor to be amongst the Top Ten! So let’s keep it civil and behave ourselves so the dev’s give us MORE opportunities to win awesome GoW swag!!



Just happy to be in top 10 not like i could even win the ps4 which im sure also they based the winner on

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Congratulations to top 3, especially congratulations to @Winter_Market. So many brilliant ideas, and so many brilliant competitors. :smiley: :smiley:

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Very well said @efh313! I would love more art based contests because i had so much fun with this one! Not just putting together my entry but seeing everyone elses as well😎 lets do this again…

Hell i would enter even if the prize was just bragging rights!

Thank you @Sirrian @Nimhain @Saltypatra and all the devs, sponsors, and contestants!


I sent a pm to @Saltypatra but is there a specific person the winners should be contacting?

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Congrats to all the winners!

PMing Salty is enough. She’ll reply soon! :slight_smile:


That’s what my gut told me, but I specialize in second guessing myself :wink:

Thanks for clearing it up!


Congrats to the winners!

And I hope all of you know that by turning this into a B****-fest that all you’re REALLY doing is lessening the chances that they’ll do this again.

Just enjoy it :slight_smile:


Yea, I never insulted anyone in case that was aimed at me. I wrote a little poem and was surprised I found that I even got votes from folks that don’t know me, I’m just glad I saw some awesome stuff and proud of Saski jnr seeing as she was in my guild with her dad for a couple of months late last year.