Gems of War Competition Winners Announced!

Gizmo has noticed yet again a topic supposed to be all about Gizmo was hijacked. Shame… Shame Gizmo says… Gizmo would also like seeing more competitions like this even with no prizes. Gizmo thinks it was very enjoyable seeing everyone’s creativity during this Event. Gizmo would also like to take a moment and personally thank Gizmo for not being afraid to shame the hijackers of said forum post but also will allow them back into Gizmo’s good graces if they like each others comments more often to show your support for others in your GOW Community.

Gizmo drops mic


Grats to the winners… and now @saltypatra turns her attention to reviving the Design-a-troop project :grin:


There was a lot of testing the waters with this competition, so I’m sure when we run another one in future there will be some changes to the process. Overall, we were really impressed by the creativity shown by all of our entrants. Voting was very hard on our end, and it was a very close race between the top 5.

I’m happy with the maturity shown in this thread from both spectators and entrants. With so many entries of such a high quality, the results weren’t going to please everyone. Even so, we did our best internally to select the winners from our 10 amazing finalists.


You did great guys hat off!!!


But I wanted to win! Waaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!


Just want to say congrats to all the finalist and @Winter_Market for winning. A lot of amazing talent indeed.

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Lets cry together, i have a lot of ice cream.


Banana flavored?


I’m late to the party, but congrats everyone!! I had a lot of fun looking at all of the entries, great job everybody!!

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Uh oh, here comes the waterworks. [bursts into tears]

Whoops! Thought I already posted here. Anyways;

Thanks for the fun competition @Saltypatra! And congratulations to all the finalists!
I thoroughly enjoyed everyone’s entries and hope the next one is as equally fantastic!

@Zelfore @DrPhoenixJ @efh313 @Sidousai @joeadonis @Versheenah @Xylofreak @saski @Winter_Market @s-wolff

I have just sent out prizes! Enjoy!


Thanks again, @Saltypatra! You rock! I tried not to spend it all in one place but you know how it goes… :wink: