Gems of War Anniversary & Broken Spire Rework

Gems of War Anniversary

Gems of War is celebrating it’s 8th Birthday. To celebrate we have several things happening this week –

  • Special Adventure Boards for the next 7 Days
  • Anniversary Advent Calendar
  • Broken Spire Kingdom Rework
  • Broken Spire Kingdom Pass
  • Broken Spire Legends Reborn

Broken Spire Troop Reworks


  • Regeneration trait has been changed to the new trait, Ogre Fury

Fortress Gate

  • Spell will now give 5 Armor to all Allies if there are 13 or more Brown Gems on the board.


  • Spell now deals splash damage instead of light splash damage
  • No longer gains Magic at Levels 12, 14, 17, 19
  • Now gains only 1 Magic at Levels 18, 20

Fire Lizard

  • Spell now creates 3 Burning Gems instead of 7 Red Gems.


  • Role has changed from Generator to Warmaster
  • Spell has been reworked so he now creates 4 Skulls for every Purple Gem removed instead of buffing his attack.
  • Jinx trait has been changed to new trait, Ogre Fury

Stone Giant

  • Spell now destroys all Brown Gems to boost the damage dealt to a random enemy instead of removing Red Gems.

Ograk Shaman

  • Warded trait has been changed to the new trait, Ogre Fury

Obsidian Titan

  • Obsidian Golem has been renamed the Obsidian Titan
  • Spell renamed to Igneous Blast
  • Spell now deals damage to an enemy, boosted by all Enemy Constructs. If the enemy target is a construct it will deal triple damage.

Lava Elemental

  • Spell has been changed so it will now deal damage to all enemies and burn them
  • Base spell damage reduce to 5 from 2
  • No Longer gains Magic a Levels 7, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19
  • Troop Role change to Mage
  • Mana Cost increased from 10 to 13


  • Siege trait change to Pyromania
  • Stone Spirit trait change to Stoneskin


  • Spell now deals heavy splash damage rather than splash damage.


  • Spell now creates 7 Red Gems instead of 5
  • Spell’s chance to summon another Pyggra increased from 20% to 30%


  • Spell will now also barrier the first Ally.
  • Leader trait change to Knight Bond
  • Grudge trait change to Fireproof


  • Spell now creates 7 Red Gems instead of 6

Gog and Gud

  • Spell can now target an Enemy (in case he chooses to activate the single target damage part of the spell).
  • Spell will now give 80 gold instead of 50 gold (if that option is chosen).
  • Base spell damage increased from 1 to 4
  • Mana cost reduced from 17 to 16
  • Giant Bond trait has been changed to the new trait, Ogre Fury


  • Spell’s base devour chance increased from 2% to 10%
  • Spell magic scaling increased from x1 to x2

Please Note: We will not be offering any troop refunds, as we feel that these changes have been either buffs or sideway changes.

Broken Spire Kingdom Pass

To celebrate the rework of Broken Spire, we will be running a Kingdom Pass for the next 5 weeks. This Kingdom Pass will introduce 4 new Troops and 2 new Weapons to Broken Spire.

Kingdom Pass Battlecrasher: Pyrophemus

During this Kingdom Pass, Pyrophemus is a semi-rare encounter in PvP and Explore, with the chance to encounter him decreasing after players have done so 5 times that day. Defeating him will give 1 Kingdom Pass Crown. Each Crown earned will assist players progressing through the Kingdom Pass. Each Kingdom Pass level needs 5 Kingdom Crowns. No more than 10 Crowns can be earned per day.
(His chance to appear will reset with daily reset.)

Kingdom Pass Rewards Sneak Peek

We have a sneak peek at a few of the rewards that will be available from the either Reward Track in this Kingdom Pass

When the Kingdom Pass ends, players will be able to earn these unique rewards in the following ways:

  • Flame Rhynax + Fire Beetle – They can be found in both reward tracks. They will start appearing in chests 2-3 months after the Kingdom Pass ends.
  • Pyrophemus – He can be found in the Royal reward track. He will start appearing in chests 2-3 months after the Kingdom Pass ends.
  • The Molten Ward – This weapon is available in the Free Reward Track. Once the Kingdom Pass ends, craftable from the Soulforge during weekly events in Broken Spire.
  • Slashing Embers – This weapon is available in the Royal Reward Track. Once the Kingdom Pass ends, craftable from the Soulforge during weekly events in Broken Spire.
  • Minfernus – This Pet can be found in both reward tracks and can be encountered as a random Pet Rescue when defeating Pet Gnomes.

New Tarot Card: Ace of Wands

The Tarot card for this event is the Ace of Wands. Once this Kingdom Pass ends, it will go into the Vault after 2-3 months.

Legends Reborn: Broken Spire

For the next 2 weeks we will have a Legends Reborn event set in the Broken Spire. Legends Reborn can be accessed from either the Games Menu or the Broken Spire Kingdom Menu (if the storyline has been completed previously).

Broken Story Update

As part of the celebration of the Broken Spire Rework, we have gone back and updated the story. This updated story has been rewritten to use the new conversation style, and the battles have been updated to include a greater variety of enemies to fight against.

Replay the Story

You will be able to play/replay the story for Broken Spire during this event. The story will have multiple difficulties that can be played through as new difficulties unlock over time. Each time a new difficulty is completed, players will earn a copy of one of the new Pets.

Quest rewards from normal playthroughs of the story (Bonus Income, etc) will not be earned if playing the Story through Legends Reborn.

Earn Rewards

Defeat Brown Enemies to collect Lanterns to be able to earn Reward Tiers of the Legends Reborn event, including more new pets. Collecting the rewards for each track within a Tier will unlock access to the Bonus reward for that Tier.

New Pets

We have several new Pets that Players will be able to collect from the event:

  • Ogress’ Calf – This pet will buff the stats of the Ogress. It can be earned from the Free Reward Track in this Legends Reborn event.
  • Flame Troll’s Pup – This pet will buff the stats of the Flame Troll. It can be earned by completing playthroughs of the Broken Spire story within this Legends Reborn event at different difficulties.
  • Sheggra’s Slime – This pet will buff the stats of Sheggra. It can be earned by purchasing from the Gem Reward Track.
  • Infernus’ Imp – This pet will buff the stats of Infernus. It can be earned by purchasing from the Premium Reward Track.

Pets will be available as possible Pet Gnome encounters in 3-4 weeks time after the event ends.


I wish it was a mistake… but it seems not. :cry:

Look a bit overwhelming? Want a quick guide to share with your guild?.. I got you

Want to know how much the Legends Reborn pets cost?..


and is still empowered… yikes lol


Minor Legends Reborn bug: battles in a pet rescue dropped Lanterns from brown enemies, but did not show the lantern icon on the enemy’s cards.

Thank you @Hawx for cross posting before I realised the blog hadn’t auto posted for us.

I’ve moved the posts from your thread over here and closed the other one per your request.


Kinda in disbelief that you’re doing the battlecrasher thing again, on top of legends reborn, dooms, guild wars, and invasion… And the battlecrasher will only show 9 times instead of 10 at the exact same week as it did the last 2 times… Then that’ll take weeks to fix again. Why can’t we get 2 Kingdom Crowns per battlecrasher if we pay for the Kingdom pass to lessen that excruciating grind for battlecrashers every day?

And why is Minfernus in the kingdom pass? Hate to be that guy but that’s pretty damn lazy. Where’s the dragonite? Guess you guys weren’t kidding about it being next year, I thought you were just trolling.


Is this REALLY correct? For every Kingdom Pass in the past the free weapon got paywalled once it ended. Please confirm that this isn’t a typo, it might cause a lot of players trusting the official announcement to miss out.


Tower, Guild War, Kingdom Reborn, Invasion… hey, why don’t you throw in a deep delve weekend while you’re at it to make sure, that nobody gets “bored”?
This week will lead to some heavy burnout.


All speculative thoughts, no time to actually test it but:


Ettin: I don’t think it’d be hard to make 12/16 skulls with an Empowered troop under many situations. Seems… kinda broken.

Obsidian Titan/Lava Elemental: They were strong in Arena before, but now they seem like Arena All-stars, especially Lava Elemental. Lava Elemental makes Dimetraxia cry a little bit inside.

Amarok: Every little bit helps, though I still think it should have had a secondary effect if it misses the devour.

Neutral Appreciation:

most of the other troops


Fortress Gate: why 5 armor? why 13 or more Brown Gems on the board?.. maybe just… why?

Fire Lizard: dropping from 7 Red Gems to 3 Burning Gems drops it from a low level low chance self-loop to… whatever 3 Burning Gems amounts to. Doesn’t help Flame Rhynax also makes 3 Burning Gems, so what’s the point of Fire Lizard? (I did use Fire Lizard in Arena in the past, so its a relevant change to me)

Broken Spire Faction Team not receiving any changes: One of them seriously needed skull reduction.

No Infernus changes: It used to be a classic troop. Could have rebuffed back up to its old 22 mana cost at this point of the game, just saying.

Still, the changes made me actually ready through the rework notes carefully, so it did something.


My main hope was to rework hero class…


Happy anniversary week to all.
@Kafka I’m not buying kingdom pass this time. It doesn’t make sense to have an old pet. Are you planning to change it?


I can confirm that today (on the first day) I got 10 battcrushers


Right? They could have made it more fire themed, or just given it more useful traits in general. The Corsair/Archmage version of +2 mana on red matches, or a +1 to all _____ troops (Spire/red/giant/etc. Pick something!) on 4+ matches or the start of the turn.

And they make a brand new trait called Ogre Fury, and didn’t even give it to the Ogre hero


Probably because there’s 4 new pets in the Legends Reborn thing happening at the same time. Which again, is OUTRAGEOUSLY priced. Not even close to being worth the value provided. And takes just as much grinding, and the battle crasher troop doesn’t show up in those quest battles either. Just… WTF were they thinking


Legends reborn first fight :rofl:
EDIT: Same for the other fights:

EDIT2: I’m getting 3 troop teams on higher levels.

Tarot card giving only 1 magic to an ally?

That’s hopefully a bug.

And an old pet? Could have thrown in something that makes people actually want to buy the pass because the troops all seem to be meh.


I’m assuming it scales off Magic, somehow, making it pretty strong, they’ve just never been able to indicate it in their graphics… (Purple number, like in-game, would be nice, ideally with a boost ratio in small text at the bottom or similar).

Thrall + Sunspear/Firestorm, maybe Rubirath for funsies, some kind of cleanse, and go nuts.

I would hope it does. :sweat_smile:

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The class has no connection with kingdom, so yeah, your proposes are good