Gems of Streaming


I’ll be watching


@Rickygervais i think this is what she means


What do you think I mean??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Virginia Applejack (Who you will often see moderating our stream) is my community liaison 505 side. I’m so excited for you all the meet her when she streams with me!


What, my appearance isn’t exciting enough for you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nothing but a release date is ever exciting enough for @Rickygervais.

And what do I never release?

Release dates.



Pffft… I understand the feel, 78,6% of my best ideas for fun activities usually ends up being interrupted by the police, the fire department, border patrols or the vatican. I know they mean well, but they should put some more faith in me and my friends. :innocent:


One day, when we do Gems of Wine, or Shots of War, or whatever pithy name we have for an after hours stream, I will tell the story of the time I went on a pub crawl on Christmas Eve and returned home with “souvenirs.”


Well, you have an excuse of being at least a little out of your (common) senses after visiting pubs and consuming some of their menus, me and my “Merry band of misfits” would do things while sober…


We are waiting for it for about 8 months…


New name for these Streaming Broadcasts: Gems of Coffee or Coffee of War!
Now, if we can only get Cyrup to join the Streaming. I bet the 3 together would drink about 5 gallons of Coffee.


I just think you use the word “excited” too often or you get excited very easely :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not ashamed about being excited. I love being excited!!! I don’t see the point in not getting excited over good, fun or lovely things.

Oh no, a side rant is brewing… I hate the idea that to be “cool” you can’t get excited over things that bring you joy or happiness. It just seems ridiculous to me.


Im just saying i need a little more to be excited, i have nothing against you been excited :slight_smile:


Salty is just so excited because of all the caffeine she gets from all the coffee she drinks.
I wonder who is more hyper? Salty or Cyrup? Or who drinks more coffee?
I wonder if there are any coffee wars going on at Infinity Plus 2 or if anyone play Warlords 4 or Battlecry 2 or 3?


I am the Battle Cry 2 master. I don’t spam the unicorn summon spell and go on a rampage…


The idea that disliking something has more intellectual value than liking it has sucked the fun out of everything. It makes little sense and divides everyone instead of uniting them.

I like everything. It’s way more fun, and gives me less heartache. New game mode? Love it! New lore? Love it! New holiday skull gem? Love it! New UI? Um…I love it…just not as much as I loved the old one, but I still love it!

edit: grammar


New ai that kicks my ass better than the last time, I love it! :laughing:


Daemons are the faction to beat in Battlecry 2.


This positivity is infectious. Let me try! I LOVE GEM SINK SHOPS!!!

Ouch, quit throwing tomatoes at me.


We are live in half an hour woohoo! Remember, I have @VirginiaApplejack with me today, so please join us!