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Looking at previous experience - it can be anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks from official stream.
Official stream usualy means that new versions of apps was already pushed to publishers and are waiting for validation before they show up in their respective stores.

I always assumed they could and did :face_with_monocle:

Hopefully they take some advantage of potential new tool to toss an extra war coin or deed our way.

I imagine it would be kind of difficult to have those special red tasks on special event days if they couldn’t. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



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They might not have a dedicated tool… to suggest it’s impossible for them to manually change entries in their database if they wanted or needed to is just random crap to throw out there to shut people up though.

  • :point_right: too hard to implement/fix
  • not enough computing power on the planet
  • can’t reproduce in-house
  • :point_right: can’t spare developer time
  • parent company controls every detail at IP2
  • too overworked and in need of a holiday
  • out of the office right now
  • must’ve slipped past QA
  • :point_right: bugn’t

You and me both.

Warcoins not appearing on the adventure board was the justification given on-stream for why the tool would be created.

I’ve thought about this and it might be possible to be correct logic that requires a bit of mental gymnastics to get there. So here we go.

We know at this point the randomly generated world event encounter list is just a file of linear encounters that are randomly created once for that world event and then distributed to everyone.

We also know that quite awhile back there was an internal push to automate weekly processes (this was one of the justifications for world events being created).

What if… there are other processes in-game that behave similarly?

You know what would be a near-perfect candidate for this behavior? The Adventure Board.

What if… the Adventure Board is simply a randomly generated file of results that is generated internally once in a great while (say… once per update period)? If that is the case, then this hypothetical missing context starts to make the comments on stream make sense.

So, if the AB is generated once every several months, the context for special events then becomes that they later added the functionality for them to tell the AB file generation tool to forcibly add in the specific special events at the time the file was generated (which would be correct, as special events did not exist when ABs were first brought into the game).

Ok, but that still leaves the gorilla in the room, which still smells fishy.

Yeah, this doesn’t pass the sniff test with me either.

I would find it hard to believe the file contains rows of data any more complicated than…

[Date] [RolledReward1ID] [RolledReward2ID] [RolledReward3ID]

… as the file is purely an output file from the generation tool they are using.

The implied claim that this file is inaccessible once generated is highly dubious. Surely, this concept was internally tested before being released (it had to be at it offered potential strong player rewards, which highly likely had to have publisher approval), and there was a debug/testing mode for it. And that internal functionality just disappeared when ABs went live? Nah.

What probably happened was something like this:

  • The random generation tool was tested internally many times and found to work correctly over large numbers of runs.
  • The publisher signs off on the tool’s usage after review of the output (It’s been said in the past the publisher has to sign off on all significant rewards given to players).
  • When WarCoins were introduced, the devs as usual procedure for the AB, generated a run of the AB file for that update.
  • Murphy’s Law kicks in and generates an negative outlier result regarding WarCoins.
  • No one catches it (or possibly even checks for it, as they might have only been concerned about the AB generating too good of an reward table, an outlier in the positive direction) and the publisher signs off on the output file.
  • Later on, the issue is identified regarding WarCoins, but the stance given on stream is that the file couldn’t be edited once the issue was recognized.

So… that leads to an internal policy discussion that we as players would never be privy to hearing.

  • Was I+2 bound to the results of the output file once the generated and/or the publisher signs off on it?
  • Did I+2 not want to admit the issue to 505, as in their mind the error was minor?
  • A little bit of both? Or more?

We’ll never know. The end result of all of this, is that a tool is likely being made for 5.7 to be some sort of sanity check on the output file before going live (the emergency editing thing claim again seems highly dubious on its face).


Will we see a new faction tomorrow?

New delve is due on Friday 23 July - Dark Court

Change of plans since there’s been a chance in the schedule, low key stream today with me playing more Gonamapalooza.


Close! :sweat_smile:



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Some cheeky changes…


And here it is! The Bingo sheet for tomorrow. <3


What is VA here? Voice-acting? Audio-visual but in reverse because everything is upside down in Australia?

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4 corners and the bottom line are nearly guaranteed lol

Pew pew! New stream schedule is here.


More bingo this week?

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No stream tonight or did I read your post wrong? (usa 7/26/2021)

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