Gems of Streaming

Stream tonight, but will start 7 pm PDT. New set up! See you there.


You need to click the box to expand. The schedule is there.

26th July 6 30 PM PDT: Dark Court Faction preview stream! (Salty streaming from home, so there will be Stripes nonsense and Bingo will return.)

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ah, I also missed the click-to-expand.

Heads up that stream will be at 7 pm PDT instead of 6 30. We are pushing some balance changes for the mythic and these will take a little while to appear in world. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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Is there a stream today?

I guess not. :cry:

GoW streams are on Monday, not Wednesday, so nothing today.

I believe he was asking about the PQ stream.

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Doesn’t PQ have a forum of it’s own? Weird if not…

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PQ is probably too old to have its own forums, though having one channel would be smart.

Both PQ and PQ2 are technically owned by different entities than either InfinityPlus2 or 505 – though I couldn’t tell you exactly whom.

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PQ3 has its own forums, where Salty maintains a stream thread there.



Hey folks,

We need to cancel the stream scheduled for tomorrow unfortunately, due to our most recent snap lockdown and covid happenings in our city.

The stream for PQ3 for Wednesday (PDT) is still planned to run ahead.


So this is the stream that is cancelled " 9th August 6 30 PM PDT: Break/Pet stream! We have lots of pet celebrations this month, so let’s talk all things pets, and maybe have a pet or 1 in a code! Let’s talks pets and quality of life suggestions." Yes?

correct @Cooookie


I’ll be here for stream tomorrow!

16th August 6 30 PM PDT: Moving the pet stream to this date! (AKA, tomorrow!)

Let’s talk all things pets, do bingo, and have a lovely time.

Have photos of your pets ready on imgur, as we will rate your pet and pit them against each other. (Like Pokemon, but with less violence.) We will also, separately, be rating your Gems of War pets, and their fabulous (or not so fabulous) nicknames. There will be some prizes for the winners, as well as your regular codes!

So get your images of your fur babies and digital fur babies ready and uploaded to imgur, and I will see you tomorrow!


Oh my. Looking forward to this stream!

Do pet rooms count? I, uh, just finished renovating my cat room. Dont judge me.


Hey @Saltypatra. I’d love to hear your plans for future pets, as the current system is essentially complete (just 3 more boost pets scheduled, and none for Shentang, for example).

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Salty said she can’t say anything more about pets than what’s on the forums. Can anyone point me to the most relevant threads about the future of pets?

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@Starlite I didn’t comment on the future of pets on stream. I made my comment regarding GAP.


My apologies. I must have misheard.

Do we have any info on the future of pets?

BTW: I forgot to mention that I love how you’ve named the current Campaign pet after me… sort of. :laughing: