Gems of Streaming


I also have a potential issue with the hero class selection, more side-scrolling nonsense that will be a pita on consoles especially. I know they’re trying for a one size fits all but unfortunately console feels no love.


Why do the stats have to cover the troop art at all? Why not have a nice border surrounding the cards like they used to have and put the stats there? There is heaps of room to make the troop cards a little wider to allow for this.

The mana and trait indicators aren’t too bad in this new update, but the attack, life and armor stats are overpowering and need to be moved off the troop art altogether imho.


Because the devs don’t play on console so they don’t know or care how it looks. They’ll deny it, but when you play on console it’s obvious lol


Have the medieval toilet signs gone? I forgot to look!


I think you’re missing something

You have new monthly bundle, new chests menu, new level up sequence, but what about

new mythic?


The UI for the next patch look interesting. But I wonder, any other news about the future patch? Want to know if there is :

  • some balance change unit.
  • new mini-game.
  • new kingdom.
  • new heroes race (Tauros, goblin, undead etcetc).
  • new specific trait for race.
  • new way to get celestial traitstone in forge.
  • some amazing surprise :grin:


I prefer this one:
“Please notice me, senpai!”


While they’re not shown on the stream, we have replaced the Medieval Mens Bathroom signs with Gender Neutral ones :smiley:



Given the racial diversity we have, though, I feel like even gender-neutral bathroom signs wouldn’t help much. I mean, obviously every Ettin would feel discriminated by the one-head-figure, not even mentioning how the Hydra must feel. What about everyone with wings? What aboout everyone with more (or less) than two legs? Or tails? Obviously, getting rid of all toilet signs is the only way to avoid discrimination.:stuck_out_tongue:


Why not just make it a picture of a toilet?

After all…



Are you sure? Does Captain Skullbeard poop? He’s a ghost. Do ghosts poop? What about Mimics? Or the Ancient Golem? He’s made of rock. And all those Skeletons? How…?

But I mean… why not?


Why can’t it be a skull and crossbones? Or a tombstone with RIP engraved on it? The current image is ridiculous.


Honestly that would disturb me even more… that seems a bit too grim for me. I would very much like just a blank space, just like it has been before in the old UI.


Hey! You besmirch me! I like to be around for q and as because I can have the stream running smoothly. (This message brought to you by Japan.)


Hi salty :slight_smile: i hope you enjoy your trip


Hi Salty. I bet you look beautiful in geisha gear. Not that you don’t look… I’ll stop now.
Hope you’re having a fantastic time. I’ve always wanted to go to China and especially Japan.


This is a good idea.

This is also a good idea.


Is this Ring of Wonder additive to any armour being worn?

Is this the second item, after Deathknight Armour, to be only available with real-life money?


Yes it is.