Gems of Streaming


Way to rub Salt(y) into the wound…


@Saltypatra is live now showing off the new Warpriest class! Enjoy Salty’s last stream for a bit while she is off gallivanting overseas!


Can’t wait for this


hot damn :fire:


@Maxx thanks for posting a screenshot where I’m not pulling a stupid face. :heart:


Bye bye legacy adobe air code and good riddance!


Still “memefied”. :skull:



And in the tradition of that meme:


Being made into a meme is the best thing that has ever happened to me!


Maybe if @Lyya has some time, and with your permission of course, she could im(e)m(e)ortalize you saying your famous “Rude!” in a drawing.



Now we know we can select different class for each team, do we know if i use same weapon in 2 class, will it count as 2 different troops or the same?


I hope the next update fixes the Delve difficulty, i have level 250 hoard and still not able to beat the INSANE difficulty in delves with faction troop. Also if you guys keep add trophies to the trophy list please think about what your adding, no ridiculous difficult trophies i still want to play other games you know. Also All seeing eye Faction troop delve, with Delve Faction Only is also unbearable difficult, game is suppose to be fun not frustrating like the delves are. FIX THIS PLEASE.


Heads up team, our January 14th stream has been cancelled due to extenuating circumstances. We will be back on the 21st!

4.2.5 Patch Notes

the wording for January 21st stream is “talk about 4.2.5 update” instead of the usual “4.2.5 preview” so i guess there is a high chance the update is coming before the stream :thinking:


I just hope we don’t get it in middle of gw


I think you are gonna be disappointed.


Cyrup is just shy alone :relaxed:



@Cyrup is brave and does streaming just fine alone, especially when she doesn’t have @Ozball around ruining my attempts into tricking her into divulging spoliers :crazy_face:.


You all be nice and not trick my @cyrup! Or no codes!