Gems of Streaming

Ahhhh gotcha, lol. And I say 2020 because that’s what I thought I heard last, but I could be wrong about that. Obviously, that didn’t happen, but I don’t recall having another date mentioned.

Heads up, no stream today. We are heading for another lockdown, I’ll keep you posted.

I can’t even see the uptick on Worldometers. It is astonishing to me how seriously your country is taking this—especially compared to how Japan is (not) managing the crisis.


Just as an fyi, going to work is one of the reasons we’re allowed to leave our house along with grocery shopping etc.

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The company might be more interested in keeping employees safe. If they can do everything else from home may as well just cancel the streaming and keep people safe.

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@Fleg that is incorrect. As of midnight tonight in Melbourne you must work from home if you are able too. We are back in full restrictions, 5 km radius and all.

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Well I know that the last lockdown was really tough for you. So here’s a bit of positivity, chin up, you’ll get through this. Short and sharp this time and then on to getting vaccinated! You’ve got this.


Just to be clear, I actually communicate on the forums regularly, and you see me go through bug reports twice most weeks. (Depending on holidays.)

When I communicate less with the community outside of the very rigid boundaries I have now is when I get a larger amount of harassment. As such, I don’t participate as often in the funner side of the community, and keep my interaction largely to the forums and on our social media accounts, and direct players to support or pass on bug reports.

Where possible I ask our devs questions from the community, and answer them where possible. This hasn’t changed, and since taking over bug reports some time ago I am more active on the forums then I was prior.


Just stay safe and don’t let all that homelocking ruin your mood :wink:

So, in a wild turn of events, stream tomorrow will be going ahead. See you there!


Hang on a minute! I thought we were in LOCKDOWN and not allowed to leave our home? :rofl:

But seriously, glad you will be streaming. :+1:

Stream is at 7 pm PDT today, but is happening!


No stream today, fingers crossed gems steam next week.

Heads up, no Gems stream again this week. I apologise, I will be out of action tomorrow but will be back soon. Thank you for your patience, and I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I miss you all.


We will be back in action again next week, as we are slowly easing lockdown restrictions. :slight_smile:

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Updated streaming schedule, as I will be back streaming next week.


Can we expect a stream in a few hours?

Yep, stream in forty minutes @Nullings.

Yep, I’ll be streaming today!

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Just confirming stream is on schedule? It is 6:42 PM PDT.

Edit: started a few minutes later woot.