Gems of Streaming

Heads up team, no stream today as I’m quite sick.back next week and will update the schedule later today.


Get better soon.

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Streaming schedule update. <3


Is there no stream now? It’s 6 42 PM PDT May 24.

Live now; just started. Steam problems.

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I had to confirm some Gems of War information prior to streaming, and wanted to get my facts straight. Thank you for your patience.


Can anyone give a small summary about this?
The list of QoL candidates list is “not short” (so many good and needed feature request just here in the forums) PLUS the community and developer perspective also seem to have a little bit different point of view :wink:


Treasure map rework coming but no real timeline, so, Salty says within five years lol.

Offers will eventually be improved to avoid issues like ingot offers when missing a weapon. No timeline yet.

They do not intend that paid for only weapons be required for kingdom power.

No plan on posting vault drop rates, but Salty has requested it before to the devs.

Currently no plan for adding world event rules in game, though Salty has put in a QoL request.

There’s a few things they want to rebalance, but no timeline yet and no mention of which troops. However there was a hint about a kingdom rebalance. No plan on removing any classes, weapons, etc; Salty almost seemed offended by this question lol.

Salty would like to do a public roadmap, and they used to before. Unfortunately, when they had to move things around on the roadmap before some players did not take it well, and some would send death threats to the devs. Even today they still get death threats, but it is less. Salty says unfortunately, as she communicates less with the community, she gets less threats.


Salty mentioned something along these lines to the beta testers at one point, and it just made me sad. It disappoints me that a community manager has to limit her interactions with the community to preserve her mental/emotional well-being—that is not a critique of Salty’s actions, but of the community that is actively making it unpleasant/dangerous for her to do her job.


This is unfortunately true. I largely limit my interactions to those that are practical or about bug reports, where in the past I was more social with our community.


Nobody wants social, at least I don’t. If I could give you a little tip about good communication: tell people what you will tell them. Tell them. Then tell them what you told them.
It would sometimes be nice to have a summary of actions; e.g. raised the problem of lycanthropy transforms not counting as a kill with the devs. Etc etc.


Five years? I thought last we heard it was the end of 2020 or something… Am I crazy?

Is this not breaking Google Play terms of service?

Joking can be hard to show in text. Since there’s no timeline, Salty joked about five years.

Definitely can’t be released end of 2020, considering it’s now 2021. :wink:

Yes it is. Apple’s too. Apparently the devs don’t care.

Ahhhh gotcha, lol. And I say 2020 because that’s what I thought I heard last, but I could be wrong about that. Obviously, that didn’t happen, but I don’t recall having another date mentioned.

Heads up, no stream today. We are heading for another lockdown, I’ll keep you posted.

I can’t even see the uptick on Worldometers. It is astonishing to me how seriously your country is taking this—especially compared to how Japan is (not) managing the crisis.


Just as an fyi, going to work is one of the reasons we’re allowed to leave our house along with grocery shopping etc.

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The company might be more interested in keeping employees safe. If they can do everything else from home may as well just cancel the streaming and keep people safe.

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@Fleg that is incorrect. As of midnight tonight in Melbourne you must work from home if you are able too. We are back in full restrictions, 5 km radius and all.

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Well I know that the last lockdown was really tough for you. So here’s a bit of positivity, chin up, you’ll get through this. Short and sharp this time and then on to getting vaccinated! You’ve got this.