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Also, Guild leaderboards for World Events was discussed - Salty didn’t recall that it was mentioned in the 4.8 patch notes at first, but after a reminder, noted that the system is apparently in place to run Guild leaderboards in WEs and she would mention to the team that Guild events were being asked for.

Let me know if I got something wrong here :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t believe so. If I remember right, from being part of the 4.8 public beta test team, that there were a whole bunch on features for World Events that were coded onto beta/staging and either did not make it off of beta (off the top of my head, Artifacts giving players special effects at certain tiers) or were disabled after Campaign 1 (bosses in World Events having bonus traits).

Ozball was right. The functionality is likely there, but is mostly disabled at the moment for any number of reasons.


I believe the functionality is there - just wanted to touch on the Guild leaderboard since it was specifically mentioned in the patch notes for 4.8, as opposed to the boss traits and such.

I’ve been wondering whether they planned to use Guild leaderboards at any point for WEs - appears it was either forgotten or scrapped as a concept after the patch went live. I’m glad to hear that Salty is going to mention it to the team though, love me some Guild leaderboards!


The concept probably needed more time in the oven. As 4.8 was the foundational patch for 5.0 to happen, I sometimes also wonder if the devs got a bit gunshy with their ambitions regarding World Events and Campaigns and we ended up a much simpler version of World Events than was originally designed.

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Better not be troops like in the elite pass.


If they add troops to elite plus that are not in elite that would push me to not buy the pass at all. If they want to give elite plus more copies of Tarot card so they don’t have to use Vault keys to get the other 5 that would be fine for the additional $15 USD.


It was available one time for about 20 minutes.

The Guild Leaderboard had Orbs as prizes, including the Orb of Power. I’m pretty sure AWRyan also made a topic as well.

Well, I doubt they wanted to give away 30 Orb of Powers so they hotfixed it to an individual competition. Here we are today.

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@devs, please do this for Lycanthropy as a whole, too.

During Halloween? Yay! All the time? Boo :slightly_frowning_face:.

To mix it up, change the Troop type that you get turned into, rather than just always being Beasts.

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Anyone remember if they fixed Haunted Guardian’s spell for speeds greater than or equal to 3x? Because this uber doomskull looks to be the same shape. I forget if this was a mobile-only problem though.

Too late, there’s already several troops pending that create Lycanthrophy gems at the start of their turn as their main gimmick. Lycanthrophy is around to stay, even if it causes half of the players to quit.

So, everyone aboard the book defense train. To do anything else will put you at a disadvantage.


How will this lycanthropy gem work/function exactly? Matching them will transform a random troop into a beast or…?

Not confirmed yet, but currently looks like the plan is when those gems are matched, they will inflict lycantrophy on a random enemy. And from the dev Q&A, sounds like these gems will match with other purple gems, so similar to how skulls and doomskulls match with each other.


The uber skull feels like an ok addition, but not quite sure about this… It’s still under construction so maybe it will shine when ready. I’ve only seen lycanthropy happen once so far, at least it will be more frequent in the future. I don’t mind one of my beast team turning into a beast just gotta be careful not to cast it on the enemy :laughing: But yeah, still a work in progress…

So when we have this Lycanthropy skill gem event does that mean we will be risking losing a Valraven every time we match them?

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There is definitely a risk if they don’t fix the whole valraven - sigil - lycanthropy issue (I am not optimistic about that). The good thing is that Valraven’s third trait makes it normally immune to lycanthropy. So you should be ok as long as you don’t curse or stun it. Still, we shouldn’t have to face that issue at all. Plus their explanation for why it happens is ridiculous.


I’m more worried that they’ll make the lycanthropy gem so powerful it can make the game crash again :laughing: nuh… surely with all the feedback in this forum the problems will be dealt with by the time it comes…

I’m curious how it interacts with gnomes as well since the issue is that it doesn’t count as a kill like every other transforming power.
Honestly the whole thing from them pushing something out that was so broken, to half fixing it and giving nonsensical excuses to now seemingly plowing right ahead with building an entire event around it without bothering to fix it all feels like a huge slap in the face.


more miffed about the one-two punch of lycanthropy and super duper ultra doomskulls possibly putting potionless pure faction delve runs out of reach of anyone but the players with the most unhealthy of playing habits


the schedule post got buried a bit, bumping it as there’s a stream tonight:

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