Gems of Streaming

I will be streaming today but will be late. I’m streaming from home again due to restrictions.

Hey folks, the stream has had to be pushed back by 1 hour.
Hopefully we’ll see you in 1 hour from now.
Sorry about this, Salty needed to move all the streaming equipment back to her house after we’ve had announcements about a stage 4 lockdown coming into effect here.

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The devs won’t say it. So I’ll be happy to.

Remember this 2-3 months from now when 5.1 launches and what you expect from it @community. :grinning:

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Stream will be live in 5 mins, hope to see you there :slight_smile:


Watching the “Preview Mythic” stream increases your chances of getting the card in chests (probably).


Hey team! Having some pc issues again whic is fun, but will be live at 7 pm. Today we will be doing a quality of life suggestions and general chat stream.

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you meant 7 pst correct

Yep! I’m setting everything up now. Still having to jump between pcs so its a long process.

See you there.

Woooohoooooo! Updated my streaming schedule well in advance. <3


Serious question @Saltypatra is there any plans at all for any troop balancing in the future? It is long overdue, if not please make it a priority over new content.

So many good troops that if given the right balancing can be very useful.

@Ghaleon we cannot make it a priority over new content, that is not our decision to make. We will never be able to make big batches of balance changes a priority above our pre-determined development schedule.

That being said, we are currently working on a set of balance changes, but I cannot give you a time frame for when it will release. To be safe, I would not expect any within the next few months. I don’t want you to get your hopes up and be disappointed by us.


Thank You! That will be fun!
<3 .

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That is fair but at least it is comforting to know it is in the pipeline even if it isn’t in the near future. Thanks for the response. :+1:


I really should change the time of these streams. Technical issues means I’m often late, I apologise.


What about today? Will the stream be late?

Letting you know that I will be streaming on the 1st instead of the 31st for our mythic preview stream. This is the American Tuesday, and the Australian Wednesday. I have a doctor’s appointment on the 31st, so won’t be able to stream on that date.

Thanks for understanding. ")


Hope your appointment goes well! There are some really cool Mythics coming up, I’m excited!

Stream is back tomorrow!

Chill out stream is today!