Gems of Streaming

I was a nice surprise seeing @Sirrian stop by. Thanks so much.

Updated schedule.


I was looking forward to today’s stream. Got up early, and everything.

Sadly, I can’t see any info about it being cancelled, and Twitch no longer has a chat box on the landing page. It’s very confusing.

Turns out, clicking on the Chat button takes us back to the old interface.

@Saltypatra - Could you please make sure to post here when you cancel a stream?

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Looks like she’s tired of these weekly streams. (I hope nothing awful happened.) But - well, at least Kafka could tell about cancellation.

It’s all on me team, and I take responsibility. I had a migraine so bad that I lost all vision and feeling in my hands yesterday and only emerged from bed at 3 pm after hours of pain and vomiting. When in office it’s easier for @Kafka to check in with me, but since we are working from home I went MIA. I apologise for any confusion caused, but I was not well enough to make updates.

Anytime I am not that level of sick I do my best to let you know what is happening, but this time it was very, very bad. I’ll work with Kafka on a check in system so she can update you if I’m this sick again in future.


Hi folks, Salty and I have both been unwell in the past week.

Because of this my focus has been more on support than on the forums in order to ensure our players are getting the help they need even though I haven’t been as available due to this, and unfortunately Salty was unwell yesterday on the stream day.

We’ll endeavour to reply to some more threads later this week, but at least one of us have been reading the forum each day and making note of anything that needs to be passed onto the team.

I’ve been speaking to Salty and at this stage next week’s stream is still planned to go ahead.

EDIT: Someone sniped me :thinking:


Really sorry to hear you’ve both been unwell.

Perfectly understandable, and thank you for explaining. :slight_smile:


Just an idea for Amarok team: Amarok / Harpy Mage / First Mate Axelubber / Vash’Dagon under Wild Plains banner.

You have vision in your hands? gasp WITCH

Hope you both (@Kafka) feel better.

I will be streaming today but will be late. I’m streaming from home again due to restrictions.

Hey folks, the stream has had to be pushed back by 1 hour.
Hopefully we’ll see you in 1 hour from now.
Sorry about this, Salty needed to move all the streaming equipment back to her house after we’ve had announcements about a stage 4 lockdown coming into effect here.

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The devs won’t say it. So I’ll be happy to.

Remember this 2-3 months from now when 5.1 launches and what you expect from it @community. :grinning:

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Stream will be live in 5 mins, hope to see you there :slight_smile:


Watching the “Preview Mythic” stream increases your chances of getting the card in chests (probably).


Hey team! Having some pc issues again whic is fun, but will be live at 7 pm. Today we will be doing a quality of life suggestions and general chat stream.

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you meant 7 pst correct

Yep! I’m setting everything up now. Still having to jump between pcs so its a long process.

See you there.

Woooohoooooo! Updated my streaming schedule well in advance. <3


Serious question @Saltypatra is there any plans at all for any troop balancing in the future? It is long overdue, if not please make it a priority over new content.

So many good troops that if given the right balancing can be very useful.