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Gems of Streaming

From the 4.3 update recap that introduced them they were never intended to address the difficulty issues:

I wonder if that new system really is still being developed, the recap is from March 2019.

Yes, it is.

Beta testers have seen fragments of it. Dataminers have found things that are signs of that system existing. Salty was asked about these things on-stream and stated that they aren’t a part of 5.0.

My personal opinion here, all of the tea leaves are pointing towards what I originally thought the solution would be. Delves aren’t going to be made easier, but rather the artificial softcap on delve team power is going to be raised to finally allow even-ish matches on Delve 500 runs. That said, I severely doubt that achieving these power levels will be easy at all (in time and/or resource costs) to achieve those levels of power in any single kingdom. This is probably going to be another very long-term goal to chase.

Magic 8-ball says ask again in 5.1.


So: if I have all mythics (I don’t) and buy the 50USD package with a guaranteed unowned Mythic on day one of the campaign (I won’t): would I be getting the new mythic before everyone else?
:thinking: :sweat_smile: :vulcan_salute:


Most likely, not, since it would not be considered “available” until it is unlocked.

And when is that? On the day the first Elite+ pass holder gets it? :thinking:

Sounds like a recipe for confusion for potential paying customers :sweat_smile: :vulcan_salute:

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If that were true, I’d pay the $50 just for the Lolz.


I believe the game will consider the mythic “released” first day of the campaign. We should be seeing it in our unowned troops at that point and if that’s the case yeah, I think it would be available.


When a player is able to have 1k stars. Yes. But since it gets put into the rotation. There’s no guarantee when it’ll actually be in the soul forge.

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Will tomorrow be a faction preview? Ask because the new faction will come in the next weekend, not this one (July 17-19).

That’s whats scheduled.

I believe that was written before they had to delay it, but I could be wrong.

Will either be faction preview, or a fight club style stream IMO

I wonder if the devs will have to push 5.0 live before they can preview the delve. The art files for the delve don’t exist in 4.9.5, which was the reason for the delay of the update.

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That is a pretty girl, I tell you!

Changing the schedule woop woop.


Quick heads up, no stream today.


Faction preview tomorrow woot woot.


Thank You!

Looking forward for the pure faction team at delve level 20 at least.

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Aiming to be live at 6 45 PM PDT.

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I forgot to ask: will the next faction – after Illithia – appear in proper time? On Aug 14.