Gems of Streaming

Can only skip the 16 you get per week, then have to wait for the next week for next lot of tasks yeah

Not all tasks will be doable in a day, a few are designed to take multiple days


You get more stars by buying the Elite+ Pass for $25, meaning you’ll have quite a bit higher stats from your Artifact for Guild Wars.

Depending on the week of GW correct.

The stats are the same for everyone, but with Elite+ Pass you can get it slightly faster because of the 20 per week.

If, say in week 5, you decided to get the Elite+ Pass, you would get a mail for the 100 stars that you didnt get before

I can’t argue against the GoW advantage.
But solely in the skip task area of it.
There’s an incentive for those in serious GW guilds to spend gems then to skip tasks to get the stats faster than those who don’t. Outside of even paying money.
Therefore… based solely on that… Minus any pay argument or stat argument.
5.0 does ruin GW.
I’m all for tasks in the game that give an incentive for people to play stuff in the game as long as it’s designed to be enjoyable (which treasure hunts aren’t for a majority of the player base.) However, if I’m given an incentive to skip any of the tasks for the betterment of my guild. Then the devs have lost my support with the update. Or they’ve lost my desire to stay in bracket 1. If nothing changes before the update is released… Then the latter will be true.

Black Dragon went from last to first in the matter of a year in Guild Wars. Sincerely congratulations on winning the last truly competitive Guild Wars for Bracket 1.
We won’t tank GW to drop on purpose. But I’m going to make it clear to folks that they should no longer care about it. And if someone doesn’t care, they can’t put the time in to be successful in GW. So I’m pretty sure we won’t be in 1 for much longer.

Hell let’s say someone doesn’t want to spend the gems.
To get the tactical advantage for GW they are going to grind out in one day a task that’s supposed to take days to complete if it gives them enough stars to have an advantage in wars. Which will either burn them out or be a negative source of mental health.
Unfortunate short sightedness on the devs side.
Campaign bonus stats should not effect GW. I’m cool with :heavy_dollar_sign: incentives. But not more time and possibly negative mental health incentives. I’ve watched enough of it from FA/Delves. No thank you.

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That’s money that I plan on (I hope many do.) Just to support the game. So for me personally it’s not an incentive.
I eluded to the rest in the comment above before reading this comment.

The tasks that are multiple days are things like:

Do 6 tasks in AB, where you get 3 a day.
Do 6 dungeons.

They arent hard tasks, but they are multiple days, so could block stats for GW yes.

They have listened, overwhelmingly, about the complaints we have had about the entire system and its effect on top GW, and are still listening to all the complaints and looking at what can be done, if anything, to minimise the impact on GWs.

That said, the entire concept of the Elite+ pass being able to get bonus stats faster than a F2P player and that could skew GW results into their favor, worries me. To all those saying, its just a few stats you are over exaggerating, Im not. I have played in B1 constantly for almost 2 years now, minus a few times we dropped to B2, and it can come down to that close of a fight that 1 extra stat anywhere can make all the difference.


It sounds like all they’ve done is nerf the stat bonuses from GW. I believe Sirrian told me that on our last father/son visit (I’m joking).
I’d prefer they don’t nerf the stats and just take the time and energy to put GW in a bubble. I assume that they can’t because GW base code is too shitty. So they’d have rebuild it completely.

6 life is tremendously different than 20 life.

I like the stats for the rest of the game though. And hope GW isn’t holding them back from what they could or would be. It’s better for them to not be included in GW. In fact, since Sentinels were designed for gem sinks that are no longer needed. They should remove ALL extra stats. Outside of that the guild/player earned themselves.

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We did suggest that they be removed from GW, but I dont think its efficient and would be complaints about missing stats by the truckload during GW.

Some of the more OP things we seen, which I believe have been mentioned in the spoiler thread or were shown in a data mine, @Redi1 might be able to confirm, were def removed though because of the effect it could and would have on GW.

Just like they have listened are are still listening to all the complaints about the weapon upgrade system and level 500 pure faction delves? I’m not close enough in the loop, do you see any reason to believe the GW impact will be addressed prior to the next GW? Or even any time this year?

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As far as I can tell the code for them is still there but they are not implemented.

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It wont be changed before next GW, since thats in 3 weeks and the fact we have had a preview stream generally means that the patch is in next few weeks so builds would be submitted already.

Any fix to any part of the game, that requires a change to an existing system, has to be planned out, in minute detail, and then passed onto another dept who then have to check it all over, and pass it back or up the chain.

It all has to be tested for balance issues, which yes can sometimes be overlooked (looks at Fizzbang release) and then go from there.

They have to do all of this, while they are working on everything else in the game, and the mountains of paperwork needed behind the scenes.

Add onto that the amount of support tickets they would get, hence the changes to support tickets in game, that take up a lot more time as well that would be better spent in other aspects of the game.

The 500 delves fix IS coming, yes its taken a long time, but mini fixes have come out as well, like potions and kingdom levels, in the mean time to help fix it in small bits rather than 1 overwhelming thing that could go to far or not far enough.

The weapon fixes, Salty mentioned on stream, are being looked at as a whole in re balancing I believe it was, which may happen in this patch, may not. I couldnt say cause we didnt see it on beta.

Yes, that’s one of the classics of software engineering, catching a critical issue in an early design phase is dirt cheap compared to letting it fester unchecked until you have to pay hell to fix it. So, basically you are saying they once again ignored any sane approach to software development and we’ll be stuck with the fallout until forever and a day, right?

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I wouldnt say they ignored it per say.

Id say it was assumed to be a lot less of an issue than it turned out to be and hasnt been as easy a fix as they liked, so are now reworking things to fix this issue and any others in a weapon balance blitz.

You know what the community is like here. If they do the few weapons wanted, namely doomed, then someone will ask what about X, and then what about Y. Better to get them all at once rather than a few here and there

I just wish I could muster the confidence that this would happen any time fast, resulting in something that doesn’t leave most of the community dumbfounded. Please, please don’t let there be any upgrades even worse than the problematic once supposed to get fixed. :pray:

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I’m dumbfounded that are they introducing a new thing called Artifacts and renaming the artifact weapons as relics. Instead of just calling the new thing relics.
While still complaining how hard it is to replace text in the game.

It’s like one person ordering 2 Big Macs, large fries and 20 pieces of chicken nuggets for themselves. But a diet coke because they are worried about the calories from normal coke.


Id like 4 chicken mcnuggets, and a Diet Coke, cause Im trying to watch my figure

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Also an apple pie — no, two! — ‘cause they’re only a dollar and everyone needs dessert :yum:


I don’t think potions are a “mini fix” for Delves. They’re just a mechanism to throw money at the problem to make it easier (something mobile games are known for - cause pain for the player, and then let them pay to alleviate it).

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This discussion deserves another thread, I believe.

Just wanted to know about Illithia preview: if the faction delays for 1 week, won’t it be logical to preview it on July 20?