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Gemologica: evolved progress tracking for GoW


I already loved this site, but now I realize it is like at least five times cooler than I thought :star_struck:

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Latest updates:

  • Much to Gargurgle’s delight, pseudo-kingdoms like Primal and Apocalypse are now optionally displayed in the main table.
  • Added “5 quick tips” for beginners to the main menu
  • Reworked the help page
  • Added an “About” page
  • Added a way to donate :hearts:


Minor feature req: is the class number-of-kills available? Would be mildly useful to help to find classes that don’t yet have the class weapon unlocked. Not much use after that though.

(Got close enough by sorting classes by level and checking my lowest-leveled classes in-game.)

I’m getting a weird “Can” count on Grosh-Nak: need 4, can 23845.

I just collected enough of all 4 of the Dripping Caverns/Grosh-Nak faction troops to level them all to Mythic/20, dunno if that’s related.

on edit: and actually looking in-game I did have 4 levellable-to-20 troops:

  • After levelling 3 I checked Gemologica again and the “Can” count had dropped to 4885*.
  • After levelling the 4th (to get power level 10) Gemologica is now showing the correct Need 2 / Can 0 for power level 11 task 1 “level 20 troops to 20”.

Thanks for your support! Good call on the number of class wins, it’s actually near the top of my to-do list. The numbers might be interesting even in late game. I’ll see if I can get the data.
Regarding the “can” number: For “Level X troops” tasks, the “Can” cells show the number of troops that can currently reach the required level, or, if there are enough such troops: the minimum amount of souls needed to complete the task. I’ll try to communicate this better.

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Ooooh it’s not an asterisk, it’s the souls icon! That makes sense now.

Is there a way to see traitstones greater than minor?

All views include all types of stones. Can you DM me a screenshot of the issue?
EDIT: Fixed.

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Edit: Working again, thanks!

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It looks like after the update to 5.5, gemologica does not work anymore !?

Thanks, fixed.


The screen on your site is cropped on mobile and I can’t see the full question. Can you assist please.

Hi, this usually results from some configuration settings or browser plug-ins. I can’t reproduce this in my testing but one other player reported it a while ago. I’ll try to get behind it but in the meantime I recommend updating your browser if possible and otherwise trying a different one.
It would help if you posted what device you use.

This was on Android mobile. First screen was fine.

I see. I mean, what phone is it?

Samsung note 10 Android.

Should the Sorcerer class show purple in the +Mana column? it has the Magic Link class trait “Gain bonus Purple Mana from Purple Gem matches”.

Don’t Hatir Ascendant, Skroll Reborn and Leonis Tower need to appear in “Achievements”?

@OoveMonkeyAndroid Hey, sorry I took forever to answer. I can’t reproduce the issue, even on a Note 10. It looks like your screen might be magnified via some setting or tool though (the browser navbar looks huge compared to the tiny status bar at the top), so trying another browser or verifying the system and browser settings around zoom/accessibility/etc. could help.

@Maisie You’re totally right, missed to process Magic Link. Fixed.

@Nullings Good point. Having considered it, I think that since the requirements for those are far lower than for the other two, I’d rather not bloat the page with all of them and reserve the room for the 8-orbs-of-power bad boys.


Forgot to say thanks for all the feedback guys! :orange_heart: