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Gemologica: evolved progress tracking for GoW

Gemologica is, by far, the tool I rely on the most out of any of the others out there. Thanks for making such a splendid tool!


Is there a way to hide individual columns?

I love the tool, too! Especially the feature where hovering over the medalled troops shows me which ones are being accounted for in the tally :relaxed:

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You can only collapse whole sections. Glad you like it :blush:

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  • Each page of your profile (Traitstones, Achievements…) now has its own URL and can be navigated to directly, reloaded etc.
  • The exact missing class XP on “Reach champion level X” tasks is now shown as a tooltip
  • Faction and class weapon ownership is now indicated when possible
  • Added some more faction-related achievements as well as one for crafting the new special craftable troops
  • Achievements now have tooltips showing the missing items
  • Fixed a few sorting issues

Special thanks to @gary_dils for some great feature suggestions!


What a great work, thanks a lot.


Currently GoW’s best feature. Donated!


Would it be possible to add a column under Classes for total class XP, similar to Taran’s MyProfile/Hero Info? I’m curious to see usage for all classes, even those that are at 100.



I just saw a “*” mark on my corsair level, warning me “This class has unassigned talents”.
What a great feature, thank you.


You got it! This will be included in the next update.


Sweet, thanks so much!

Update released :slight_smile:

  • Added the “Total XP” column to the Classes tab
  • Added the option to hide kingdoms that are at maximum power

I keep getting an error while trying to input the traitstone amounts.

Unexpected error: 503

Looking into it, thanks.

Should be working now.

Guildmate of mine keeps getting “Incorrect values” even if the values are clearly correct.



Sorry it is German, but the first is amount of minor magic traitstones and the second the minor earth tratistone amount

Hi, thanks for reaching out. This is probably because Gemologica tries to cache your values for a while after the initial retrieval done when checking the invite code, in order to reduce server queries. This should resolve itself after a while. I’ll reduce the cache duration to minimize this in the future.

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Thanks :slight_smile: Will try again