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Gemologica: evolved progress tracking for GoW

GoW Task Analyzer has leveled up!

Gemologica is the evolved progress tracker for GoW. See a detailed overview of your progress on kingdom power, factions, classes and pets. Easily find out what troops you can upgrade next and what resources you need, and much more. Includes a visual overview of your pet collection and a complete preview of all kingdom power tasks.

I’m excited to share my new website with the community! Any honest feedback is greatly appreciated.
Make sure to read the help if you have any questions.


looks very nice so far


  1. Currently, Current Tasks can’t be collapsed. I might not always need it, so it’d be nice to shrink it.

  2. Is there any way to have it just target 1 Kingdom? (and maybe have the information scroll down?) Tunnel Vision/focus and what not

Minor Error:

In-game, Khetar is a soul kingdom and Whitehelm is a glory kingdom. Pretty sure the graphic images for Souls and Glory are swapped.


Thanks for the feedback!

Putting this on the to do list.

This is pretty advanced and would require a whole custom table layout. I’ll consider it but it won’t be that high on my list.

Totally! Fixing it, thanks for the heads up.


Thank you so much for this — it’s awesome, and I love that it supports the Xbox playerbase! :grin:


A clear, colourful and incredibly useful resource.
Thank you for working so hard to make it easily accessible for everyone :heart:


Awesome and so useful. Well done and much appreciation for your efforts!


Loved the tool before and excited for this update! Thanks for all your hard work!


Very well done. Previous version was good but this one is way more colorful and informative - and has less issues as far as I can tell.

I am currently seeing a bunch of ? in the weapons column of the kingdom section (when expanded). Other than that I don’t see anything wrong that gets my attention.

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I think its great!!! Another helpful bit of info would be color of deed for the associated kingdom. Maby the kingdom names could be in the required deed color? That would make it perfect. Thanks for your hard work!!!


Looks beautiful and modern @ElDuderino … Congrats on the launch and thanks for the tool.

Loved the authentication. :wink:

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That’s a limitation of the player profile. You need the password to get the weapon info. No idea why it’s like that. GowDB must use some special API to get the weapon info via invite code.

If you expand the Kingdoms section you’ll find a column with the deed color!

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great new tool @ElDuderino.
question: it shows for me challenges at 9, but finished them, so it should be 10.
is the counting different or is it something to be fixed?

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Hm, that’s the value from your profile, but it seems to be one less than the displayed value (they apparently use 0-based numbers internally). I changed it to show +1. Thanks!


Awesome tool @ElDuderino.
So much thank you for sharing it.

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i really like the website, thanks @ElDuderino,

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As much as I know you can only get ProfileData -> ProgressWeapons with the invite code, getting the static parts usually involves a proxy account that reads/buffers data.

Right, and to get loginData.pUser.WeaponsOwned, you need to be logged in as the user himself.

I love the side.

I have a question: The Task-Analyzer shows the names of Kingdoms, Troops and so on in the language I select on the gowdb-side.
It is possible to change the language on Gemologica (for example with a parameter in the URL or a setting on the side)?

Absolutely love the site, been fantastic to figure out what stuff I can work on next to upgrade my kingdoms.

One question: is there a way to see where you still have troops left to trait up (ignoring future kingdom power upgrades) quickly & easily, ignoring if you have enough traitstones? (as in, so I can target farm the stones)