Gemologica: evolved progress tracking for GoW

It’s back up :grinning: and yeah seconding the recommendation, it’s exceptionally useful for answering progression questions, I keep finding new uses for it.


…and as Gemologica being briefly down made me realize just how often I consult it: chipped in another Ko-fi donation. Thanks El Duderino!



Thank you! :orange_heart:

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Is there any way to identify which factions have an uncompleted delve in progress? Sometimes during busy times I’ll park my daily delves, by starting a delve in a faction then exiting it; but then I forget which factions I did that in and have to go around the houses checking them all.

(guessing no, not visible in the API, but worth an ask anyway)


Just wanted to thank you for the single most important tool I use to track my progress and determine what my next goals are. It also allows my GM to see my progress and how hard I’m working on my account.
This is absolutely phenomenal, and you’re amazing. Thank you so much.


I would love to have this somehow shown in the game map itself, it’s painful to search all of them through, or if this could be added to gemologica that would be great too!

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I don’t see anything like this in the login/profile data I extract. It’s probably handled separately via the event API or some other one. I see the value in showing this but I don’t think researching and implementing an adidtional API call would ultimately be worthwhile.

@ ElDuderino

Everything okay? Moving the server?

It’s up for me, 1 hour later. (In case the OP checks the thread and panics)

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Haha, thanks. Checked again and it’s back up. Maybe related to update. Just a bad time for me to want to check my stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh, just noticed the “Where” column for those frustrating “can’t find it on the map” moments:



This has been added a few hours/minutes ago.

Additional new column for faction troops:

Would be nice to have this “Where” column for factions too :wink:
Maybe with an additional tracker of “Currently running delve or not” since the devs of GoW are not able to do that

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Would be nice to have this “Where” column for factions too :wink:

I considered it but found it unnecessary because they’re basically always the same directions as the kingdom.

Maybe with an additional tracker of “Currently running delve or not” since the devs of GoW are not able to do that

I agree it would be nice. I’ll need to play with the event API a bit. Can’t promise anything :slight_smile:


Wow, just found this post and love the site. thank you


I have a minor feature request, if you’re ever bored and tinkering with the website.

In the Kingdom tab, there are columns for troops with bronze, silver, and gold medals. You can hover the numbers to see which troops are at that level, color coded by rarity.

It’d be helpful to have a column for troops with no elite level, also color coded by rarity. When you’re trying to get multiple kingdoms to 15 or 20, knowing what troops are available to medal can help you prioritize where the rarer medals should be used. For example, Shentang has very few UR or lower troops, so it’s a good place to use your epic+ medals.

Anyway, thanks again for maintaining this awesome tool!


Added a “no medals” column. Thanks for the feedback!


Wow, what an amazing tool! It’s very impressive @ElDuderino. :clap:

One suggestion is that it doesn’t include any unlocked kingdoms. It probably doesn’t impact most players as they would already have unlocked all 37, but I’ve only unlocked 32. It would be cool if unlocked kingdoms were listed, even if they had no stats associated with them, as it would remind/prompt the player that there are additional kingdoms they need to unlock.

I assume the missing kingdoms flow into the other lists like the traitstones. For example, if I look at Runic Fire Traitstones, there’s no kingdom with a high chance to find them. I am guessing this is because they are found in Pridelands and I have not yet unlocked Pridelands?


Thanks for the suggestion! My design idea is not to “spoil” additional kingdoms that the player can’t access. So all the data is filtered by unlocked kingdom first. This allows for a consistent view of available things everywhere (except the achievements page). I think the game itself does a good job of showing locked kingdoms and so far I don’t think it makes sense to bring that into Gemologica.


Hey together :wave:
I am a back comer to GoW and tried Edge, Chrome and FireFox but sadly the performance of this app results in ERROR_CODE_HANG and crashes within the tab.

All browser are updated. Testes with and without any Plugins/Mods/Addons so either smth. is wrong on the hosting service or inbetween GoW API Server ↔ GoW trackin App.

Can ths please checked? I would like to use the page for getting an overview.
Also I hope it’s updated with the latest game version. If not, is there then a successor of this app?

Would be nice to know :slight_smile:

Thanks for the hard work on such an app :slight_smile:

it works for me.