Gem Matchers Guild looking for casual players

A newly founded guild looking for casual/“everyday” players

Guild goals: develop, help each other, share ideas, and have fun together

No hardcore obligations! Promotion on request and with regards to activity within the guild

Level requirements: none, beginners and newer players are welcome

Languages: English/Russian

I am able to play almost every day in the evenings (19-00 - 22-00 GMT+3, Moscow time), sometimes - at other times of the day.

I will NOT kick anyone unless crude behavior in any form is exhibited. If you have to stay inactive for a while, please warn me so that I know you haven’t abandoned the game entirely. Gold contributions are desirable but in no way obligatory. Contribute anytime you want, however you want.

Beginners are also very welcome! Let us help each other out!

Xander, Lvl 16 Guild Master