Gems of the Ostfront is recruiting!29/30

Guild rank 336 or so no reqs other than be active and have fun we need 2 players to fill our roster.

We are very active and chatty we just started up discord and we are moving up the ranks fast😎

Anyone interested should post here or pm me

can i join? : HAMIDOU_1 thanks


@hamidou76500 invite sent brudda

thanks for adding me in your guild !!!

Youre welcome my friend

1 more open spot guild rank 320ish

Hi Vangor,
I am a brand new player from Italy (only level 106) but I like this game and it would be fun to join an active guild.

I completed all quests and now working on completing all challenges and upgrading kingdoms.
I am saving diamonds to buy the highest tier armors but I got the vampire one.

If there is a free spot for a “rookie” just let me know :slight_smile:

We are once again recruiting we have 1 open spot we are very active and super friendly so come gem with us!

Hi Vangor, i’m a new player from the north of Germany, lvl 90, and want to increase my experience and know how and would be pleased to join the guild. My invite is FLATULENZIO, you can also meet me at discord…