《GamersInBrotherhood》 (Rank 11 - 2 Spots) (Rank 34 - 1 Spot) (Rank 124 - 7 Spots)

-=GiB=- Recruiting: We Are 3 Guilds Strong!

-=GiB=- ALPHA Rank #11 Guild Wars Bracket #3
-=GiB=- DELTA Rank #34 Guild Wars Bracket #4
-=GiB=- THETA Rank #124 Guild Wars Bracket #6

Participation in all Guild Events is required for all guilds!
Were looking for dedicated players seeking a new permanent home who wish to grow and rise with us!

We have a guild that will work for you!
From lower levels and new players, very active strong players to very dedicated competitive players.

We have very reasonable requirements in all guilds, the lowest you will find for our 2 top 50 guilds!
We have friendly, helpful members. Were not just a guild, we are a community and a drama free family!

We have a very strict no slacker policy in all guilds!

Tried of being in a guild were it feels like your the main one doing the majority of work.
Give ALPHA a try.

Want a guild were everyone does their part but isn’t over demanding?
Then DELTA would be perfect for you!

Need a guild that provides guidance and will improve your game?
Then check out THETA.

Our guilds are highly competitive all 3 do well in Guild Wars! and everyone does their part!
Come see for yourself why I believe were a smarter, more organized way of geming!

If interested, reply or message me here.
But for fastest response message me
directly on Xbox RipclaW GiB

Sent you a message.


Hi! Been looking for ways to get in contact but i cant find Theta or how to DM you on my xbox. I’d like to join Theta. Please help!

I sent Ripclaw a message letting him know you’re looking for him.

Gamers In Brotherhood now recruiting…

Participation in all events is expected in all guilds.

Rank 11 -=GiB=- ALPHA (Complete Everything)
Gold 600K, Seals 1400, Trophies 300 GWB 3
2 spots available.

Rank 34 -=GiB=- DELTA (Complete Almost Everything)
Gold 400K, Seals 1000, Trophies 100 GWB 4
1 spots available.

Rank 124 -=GiB=- THETA (Great Place For Higher Levels To Chill)
Gold 100K, Seals 500, Trophies 50 GWB 6
7 spots available.

We have a very active discord server of over 100 members that covers
everything gems from A to Z our members are helpful and friendly.
Still not sure? Learn more about our community here: GiB HD

If interested in joining a guild please reply/message me here or for
fastest response, message me on Xbox. Gamer Tag: RipclaW GiB