Three High-Ranking Xbox Guilds Looking For Dedicated Players - Limited Openings Available!

Hello everyone,
I won’t bore you with a bunch of bullshit recruitment propaganda.

Gamers In Brotherhood (-=GiB=-) has three running guilds on the Xbox platform, and all have at least one spot to be filled. Guild placement is mainly based on player level/ability to meet weekly reqs. The highest level guild, Alpha, is currently ranked at 11, with Delta staying in at around 60, and Theta (low-level/beginning players welcome) usually never drops below 130.

I know this post isn’t really that informative, but I figure if anyone is interested in joining a guild that contributes and works together, as well as maintains steady communication with the other two guilds via Discord, you can comment or leave me a message, and I can answer any questions as well as hopefully get you situated in one of our Guilds comfortably :slight_smile:

Don’t hesitate. Guild Wars is almost here, and spots aren’t going to be open forever :slight_smile:

Hi, Petter.

Best of luck to you.

Just want to recommend a better spot to put this that is more in-tune to what you’re posting:

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Again, best of luck.

Hey great post but don’t be selling DELTA and THETA short now!
They are a respectable Rank 33 and Rank 120 but one things
true, these spots are filling up fast and is a great opportunity
for anyone seeking something better then just getting by.

Here is a kink to all the boring stuff! lol -=GiB=-

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Thanks not there yet. Around level 250 on the xbox, i still neex to level 10 some castle

Regards, 9Apps APK Vidmate APK