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Game hangs right when I win an invasion match

**What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

I win an invasion match, and the game freezes. I expect it award my victory, but instead I have to restart. This has happened maybe 7 times. Screenshot_20180820-192339

**What are the steps to make it happen again? **

I fight with sir Mordayne, earth’s fury, Yao guai, and abynissia. Banner is red/brown. About half the time when I win, the game will freeze just as the sword on the earth’s fury is getting big.

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You finished an enemy with Earth’s Fury, I’m betting you upgraded to the point it has the Rending affix. Killing the last enemy with a spell that uses the Rending (or Striking, or Treacherous) affix currently freezes the game (just on Andriod, apparently). This will be (allegedly) fixed in 4.0.


I understand. Thanks!

I have the same problem, but with boss raid. It happens every 4 or 5 battles, I am loosing sigils.
It happens only on my mobile, not on my PC.

4.0 is not out yet. It will be fixed in 4.0.