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A triggerable game freeze

**_[Please check the known issues list before posting a bug.

  • close but i didnt see an exact match
    Platform, device version and operating system
    Android, LG Stylo 4
    Screenshot or image
    What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
    -i was expecting the rewards to scroll after wining a battle, the game just froze and was not responding had to close the app and reopen
    How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
    -it happens when the steps are done correctly
    -just came across it today fighting normally
    Steps to make it happen again
  • i did this 4 times to see if was a fluke all tje same outcome
    -i use a fully upgraded Earth’s Fury
    -kill the monster with the Earth’s Fury weapon
  • the game freezees

My theory is the last trate on the the weapon damages an enemy after the spell is casted, so my thought is that sence that the enemy died with the cast it cant do the other strike and it gets confused and freezesScreenshot_2018-08-09-19-02-03

Hey Drewski,

This is a known issue which will be fixed in the next update (4.0)

For details on what causes the issue and how to avoid it until the next update, please see this Help Centre article:

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