Game freezing after wins

Game only freezes after winning sometimes once sometimes after two wins. Game never freezes after loss only wins

Yes, this needs to be fixed ASAP!!

For me it’s like a long pause and then it’s back to normal. I used to just quit the application and then renter it before but after I walked away from my screen, I noticed the freeze was over. So I just let it get it’s act together instead of exited the game. Yup, it needs help.

Same for me. Game will freeze or take a long pause after I win a quest/round and sometimes when I try to open a chest. I shouldn’t have to wait 5 minutes after I win to keep playing. At this rate its faster to level up by losing matches. Please acknowledge the issue and let us know what you are doing to address it. Getting so I dont want to play anymore because of how frequently it happens.