Game Freezing Lost Chests

I have been having problems on XB1 with game freezing all afternoon. Until now, it would eventually unfreeze and continue with whatever was happening. The last time it would not unfreeze when I was starting to open gold chests. I finally had to restart the game and lost 2 gold chests.

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Yes this has been happening to me a lot also! It happened when I purchased 50 chests using gold to complete a challenge and with the freeze it didn’t acknowledge the chests :rage:

Me as well I just spent gems on 50 V.I.P chests then it bluescreened…no gems and no rewards

EDIT TEN not fifty…My mind isn’t working tonight

Hey guys. I too just had this happen to me (xb1) I was trying to complete a task and was opening 45 gold chests and my game froze. Started it back up and gold keys are gone and no credit to have ever opened them and my task is incomplete.

Is this something that the support team are viewing and taking note of or do we have to open a support ticket for this kinda thing?

Opening a support ticket would be the best option.