Frequent Typos and Syntax Errors in my Favourite Game

Much to my surprise, this morning the featured Event involving Treasure Hunt managed to display four syntax errors in a single phrase:

Help Emperina hunt for her treasure, by playing Treasu
Hunt.(Gain 1 point per 10turns).

When this was corrected a few hours later, it had a new typo (the spelling of “Emperina”) and a type of syntax error that’s running rampant in this game (i.e., sentence fragmentation using a dangling modifier):

Help Emperine hunt for her treasure, by playing Treasure Hunt.
(Gain 1 point per 10 turns)

Seeing these constant typos in Gems of War is jarring. It reduces suspension of disbelief and my enjoyment of the game flow. Please, @Saltypatra, an additional copy editor to vet the text prior to publication would be nice. Preferably someone who is familiar with punctuation guidelines such as the AP Stylebook.

In the case of the Event caption, I propose that the corrected text ought to remove the unnecessary comma fragment to read:

Help Emperina regain her trove by playing Treasure Hunt.
Gain 1 point for every 10 turns.

The point above about gaining points needn’t be enclosed in parentheses. That clause isn’t an aside or merely an informal clarification; in effect, it’s an essential gameplay instruction.

Sorry. Just wanted to say something about those typos! They seem to be multiplying and giving birth to a new batch of strained grammar constructs with each iteration.

There should be either a period or a semicolon separating these two clauses.


(The typos, missing punctuation, and misspellings grate on me as well, for what it’s worth. I’ve heard it’s much worse in non-English languages, but I’m not graced with fluency in any of the other supported tongues.)


My, you are an incredibly fast reader. I was in the middle of correcting that particular phrasing when you zeroed right in on it!

More thoughts on the subject…

There’s a development house called Outso/Lockwood Publishing. Among other games they’ve created, they made my fave racing/shooting sim on the PS3, a game called SODIUM which involved customizing and racing hovercrafts in a futuristic desert.

One of the things to note about Lockwood is that they published content and updates in multiple languages. Back then, I had never seen any dev create such perfect English and French and (I’m told) Japanese German Russian translations etc. etc. I’m not sure what it costs to have impeccable translation on hand, but I found myself admiring the turns of phrase that bespoke a deep love of languages and attention to detail.

I wasn’t going to say anything… but since you brought it up! From the Department of Redundancy Department :

Maybe the Dwarves like truncated telegraphic speech. Are they forced to use Telex printers in the mines?