Italian translation errors

Hello everybody, first of all I want to say that I love Gems of War, its gaming mechanics, its beautiful art, the cute pets (I love my Chomp Chomp Chomp!) and last but not least, the touches of humour in dialogues. It’s really fun finding silly puns and characters (I loved Gemhammer and her brother!) spread around the game. But while at start the italian translation and adaptation was quite well done and rendered the dialogues beautifully, as time passed the latter became more and more jumbled and hard to understand, almost like it had been passed through an automatic translator. There are calques and incorrect meanings which can completely subvert the meaning of a phrase: yesterday I got “Back to the Abyss with you!” translated roughly like “Behind the Abyss together with you!”. And Gemhammer’s very final dialogue in Slayer training completely changes: “And I ken that ye passed like a flyin’ ferret in a fusillade” becomes “And I fear you might find yourself as a little bird under fire!” which leads to unintentional humor as the hero answers “Let’s slay!”
To sum it up, I’d like to ask you to check translation better so that we can enjoy the funny scripts you put into this beautiful game!