Freezes on loading screen since update

iOs, ipad

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Trying to open game but freezes on loading screen when the bar is about halfway

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Has happened every time I’ve tried to open the game since this morning’s required update.

Things I’ve tried without success
Completely powering off ipad, re-updating from App store (not an option, it says current version), turning background refresh off and back on, rebooting more times, just letting it sit on the frozen loading screen for half an hour.

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Hey @Kes

Have you reinstalled as well already, or just attempted to update via the app store?

I’m trying to avoid a complete delete and reinstall until I know for sure it isn’t a broader issue since I’ll be cranky if I lose my entire game.

Your hero and account data is saved onto our servers and not to your device, you can also submit a ticket and we can confirm if you account is already linked to an email address and if it isn’t we can locate it and get that set up for you.

Try your Internet. This happens almost all the time to my switch even if I’m connected to my Internet just switch on airplane mode for a couple of seconds then switch airplane mode off there should be a popup just click ok. hopefully it reconnects to the game for you.

Doesn’t do a darned thing, I’m afraid.

Can confirm this happens on my wife’s iPhone 13. The weird thing is, we have identical phones and are both on the same app update. The only difference is my phone is still on iOS 15.1 and hers is on 15.3.1.

Having the same issue. Have hard closed game and iPad, tried flight mode on and off - still no joy and unable to play. Ticket says allow 3-7 days for a response - if it’s going to take that long will need to find another game to play

What iOS version are you running?

15.6.1 is what I’m running

Well, my wife updated her phone to iOS 16.1.1. No luck. She’s reluctant to uninstall the app and reinstall if it won’t fix anything. Can anyone confirm if it will? (Again my iPhone has been fine, on iOS 15.1.)

My iPad is 15.4.1 and has had no issues with GoW, and hers is on 15.6.1 with no loading issues on that device.

Hey @LummoxJR

All the iOS tickets I have had so far have found this resolved after reinstalling, only a couple of instances where it took a second attempt at reinstalling before it was fixed.

I’m worried that if I reinstall, I’ll lose my game status. My email doesn’t seem to be linked to my game. Updated to iOS 16.1.1 and still same issue