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Four Leaf Clover

Empowered Exploder? Do they even play the game?
Did they re-hire the guy that came up with the Original Wisp?

I probably would’ve lost it if the devs released a new hero weapon this week, “Special Leprechaun Flute”… and, only on mobile… in Alabama…

Correct. 50% chance for each ability.
But theres a 50% chance of not getting the first.
And a 50% chance of not getting the second.
And a 50% chance of not getting the third.
50% of 50% of 50% is 0.5 times 0.5 times 0.5. Which is 0.125. AKA 12.5%.

Conversely, you have that same 12.5% chance to go crazy: blow up the board, give magic, deal damage, and give life.

Yes you do. It has a 12.5% chance to do all possible combinations. But does having a 12.5% chance of doing a lot makes it good? No. Does a 12.5% chance to do basically nothing make it bad? Arguably yes.

Well, the extra magic plus some Faery Fire from her traits alone gives room for a lot of interesting combinations. If she explodes and gain an extra turn from cascades offers a chance that she will get filled again and able to “reroll the dice” for more effects.

Thank you so much for these troops, both looks real fun! :+1:

Looks nice but is Tinseltail not a bit a wrong name or is the tail in the wrong color?
Shouldn’t it be a yelllowish color? (or golden for that matter?) :thinking:

Empowered exploder you say.


I think the Devs are prepared for another round of whining on these boards. Always the same 5-10 people too. :joy:


I swear they are doing it on purpose with empowered. It’s going to be a pain in PvP (Empowered exploder then skull spawners in future) and delves… let’s not open that kettle of fish. It’s almost like they do no real game testing to see if it would be game breaking or not or will be no fun to go against (Like Cockatrice or Dragon’s Eye).

On topic: I think Leprechaun might be good on both gold and non-gold teams and the legendary is basically Fizzbang as a Dragon except more luck based (Which for the enemy is everything at once!)

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Worth noting that this is an Ultra instead of an Epic. And that it can be just fired off at the start no matter what kind of board it is (unless its utterly devoid of green, of course). Sounds like powercreep to me…

I reckon they should all cost 14, this guy should be nerfed somehow (more) seeing as he’s an Ultra, and Tai-Pan and Seadog should get some damage added (or something) to bring them up to the level of the other ones.

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In all seriousness though, I do agree this troop is a bit much. Essentially it is a better poison master in every way while adding on to the gradual power of gold teams (I still wonder when gog & gud git gud). Who knows, maybe they planned for thr original spell to give an extra turn too.

While annoying, I’m not sure how potent this troop is or how much use he will see in gold and non-gold teams as empowered converters do more generally. What I hate more is the general trend we have seen lately in regards to powercreep. The only brake we get from powercreep is when they release an expensive paperweight.

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First 200 Event Keys. My luck is a bit front-loaded, took another 250 to get the last two Tinseltails (and one Titania and two Glitterclaws). 8 + 1 Mythic in the first 200 is nice though.

And 141 Leprechauns.


Both troops looks fun to be honest. Power creep is inevitable but there is plenty of team combinations to tackle that. Just tired of people crying OP all the time… The developers deserve some credit for putting in interesting twists into the game and deserve some Christmas cheer for a year of hard work! Bah Humbug to complainers!! Bring out the angry mobs and scour them to the end of… Ahem… Merry Christmas everyone :christmas_tree: !!!


Lucky so and so…. I only got a few Leprechauns….

Yeah I’m liking the leprechaun
I wish some peoplewould just concentrate on enjoying making better teams with new exciting troops as opposed to fearing they may lose battles once in awhile
Especially fretting in GW, only 10 guilds on all 3 platforms need to worry about winning GW
The rest get the same rewards no matter their place, when outside bracket 1

So what is everyones opinion after playing with Tinseltail? Is it worth getting to Mythic? I got myself one copy and will mess around later with it.

I am not getting it to mythic now. I spent 200 event keys and got one. That is enough. I watched the Salty’s stream of tinsletail and while it looks like it can be fun, it is not going to be a team maker or breaker.