Four Leaf Clover


Thanks Cindy. :smiley: If it ever comes to getting that Power Level star in the far future I might use an ascension orb or go bananas in the Soulforge. I know from experience that its far too risky aiming for more than 1 copy when its 3 unique legendaries in the event key drop pool.


In a month it will be released into the general pool so I will get it to mythic then. No need to waste valuable resources to get it there.


I have terrible luck when it comes to getting a specific Legendary, even Epic when it comes to the general pool. Even event chest is a 10 times better option. But never know. At least we have the soulforge option as well as spending an ascension orb - if needed for the future.


50 event keys


MY EYES! :scream:



It’s great how in this thread we’ve focused on the substantive aspects of the new troops, and somehow managed to avoid being pedantic about how Tinseltail’s flavor text says, “She sees you when your sleeping…”

You know, until now.


I was gonna say it but …


…but your to polite?


Did you use “your” and “to” deliberately to see what I’d do?


You got me. I was testing you’re resolve.


Please stop lol. Off-topic anyway.


Where’s a mod when you need one, right? :slight_smile:


I like to think that the dev in charge of the text on casts or troops out sources their work to children.
It helps to make peace with all the mistakes that happen.





Darn, I missed all the pun fun. 9 hours ago in forum time is like the ancient days of your.


never too late to be punny


You misspelled bunny. It’s never too late to be bunny. Or too early. Every time is a good time to be bunny.
Or a punny bunny.
You know.