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Leprechaun - Troll in Gnome form?

Hey - is it just me or does anyone else got that feeling that Leprechaun is just a big troll if its about catching him? I dont know how many keys and glory points i had investet to give it a try.
Is he just optain able for a period of time? Like an event is active? Or is there a secret counter which has to be increased? A Kingdom which has to be a specific level before there is a chance to get him?

Here is my collection:

Leprechaun is a normal ultra rare (base rarity) troop, it can always be found in glory and gem chests, in Event chests when Bright Forest is the week’s Kingdom.
I remember a few troops that never wanted to show up, but you get them eventually.

The other thing is, with more and more troops released the pool gets more and more diluted, which is one of the reasons I do no longer recommend the game to new players.


Keep an eye on the soulforge too. He might show up in the summoning stones section.