[Found, thanks!] Looking for semi-hardcore guild

Hi. I’m Manabender. I’m kind of new to Gems of War, but I’m quickly rising through the ranks and understand most of the game already. I’m looking for a guild to get communal benefits from, and give communal benefits to.

-I am (as of posting) level 329.
-I have twenty-five kingdoms at level 10 and am leveling more quickly. I anticipate them all at 10 within about three days.
-I can easily generate 1500 seals every week, but have already generated 1500 this week.
-I can comfortably give 100k gold every week, likely much more.
-I can generate 200 trophies every week, likely more.
-I do guild wars and can easily pay for all level 2 sentinels.
-I’m looking for a guild which:
–Generates 40k seals at least on mythic release weeks.
–Has all statues at level 100 or higher.
–Completes all basic tasks every week.

We have one spot open on monday, Manabender. If you’re still looking for a guild, maybe Celestial Peak fits for you. We fulfill your requirements and you fulfill ours :slight_smile:
Celestial Peak rank 47. We are GW-Competitive with Casual Weekly req of 500seal/100trophies/all GW. Currently at GW Bracket 3. We complete all Tasks! + LT. Discord/FB preferred, but not required!

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I see you already found a guild, good luck for you :slight_smile: