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[GUILD FOUND] 855 -looking for new guild (200-250 trophies week)


I can’t cope with my current guild trophies request
if somebody out there could be happy with a player doing 200 ish trophies a week and able to give about 400k gold please let me know

Edit : been kicked out, so changed potentially to most definitely.

We would love to have you! Newly formed sister guild of top 30s unrepentant, purgatory, is looking for, active, passionate players

Have thread for more info

Pm sent
Drums Of Thunder

We would take you in if you can do 1500 seals also.

Thanks but just got kicked from guild i was in for 504 days because i couldn’t keep the 300 trophies/1500 seals a week anymore

Celestial Peak is guild rank 47, Guild Level 662.
We would be more than happy to have you.
We run on a casual but serious type of contribution line, so 200 trophies weekly is perfectly acceptable here.
There are also “buffer” policy implemented in case you have an off week. We can discuss in detail if you’re interested in joining.

Currently there is a spot open. First come first served. Please PM me your invite code if you want to give us a shot. :wink:

Invite Code Dharock


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