Flash sale description is incorrect (Resolved/Fixed)

I’m on the XB1 platform and a flash sale popped up for an Orb of Wisdom and 100 Gems. In the description, it says “Use this Orb to unlock any trait on a single troop. Use it in the Troop Upgrade Menu” word for word. After purchasing, I come to find out that the orb only unlocks the next trait rather than any like the description clearly states. This should at the very least be corrected and I’m wondering if there’s a refund policy for things like this where the buyer is clearly misled (hopefully this was just a mistake and not purposeful).

The orb is capable of unlocking any trait.

It just isn’t capable of unlocking traits out of order.

That description doesn’t allude to that any form or fashion and in fact suggests otherwise.

What I mean to say is, the description isn’t misleading simply because it’s been misinterpreted.

The description says the orb can unlock any trait and, in fact, it can, so long as the usual prerequisites are met.

If you unlock the first or second trait with your own stones the orb could still be used to unlock either the second or third trait, respectively. Whatever you wanted to buy can still be bought, assuming you didn’t use the orb to buy a 1st trait.

If what you wanted was to buy a second or third trait out-of-turn, then what you wanted was multiple orbs’ worth of progression, like that of a Major Orb of Wisdom, because the only way to “skip” a trait in this game is to buy more than one at once.

I know exactly what you meant and you’re incorrect. It’s definitely misleading at the very least. To say otherwise is definitely wrong.

Saying that you can use it to “unlock any trait” clearly implies that you can buy one and unlock whatever trait you want and that’s clearly a lie in this case.

And the answer is you can.
For the Major orb the description i would expect is

“Use this Orb to unlock all traits on a single troop."

If you feel misled by all means contact support.
I don’t think it’s upto the community to decide whether you are entitled for a refund or not.

To reiterate, I’m new to the game and this sale popped up. I didn’t even know where the orb went to when it’s bought to see the actual item description ahead of time. I went by what the sale description said, which is definitely misleading and incorrect to someone not in the know. There is no way to access the “true” item description from that popup sale screen either as I just double checked.

Also, I didn’t ask anyone in the “community” what I’m entitled to. I can easily dispute the charges just with the screenshots alone, but it’s kind of not worth my time over a measely 5 bucks. These type of things will heavily discourage further purchases though and likely cause some to stop playing, or at least it’d definitely have that effect for me.This is a bug report forum, which is typically reserved for developers and support (and this definitely fits into that category). I’m a bit surprised others are even allowed to reply here as it’s clear that it just attracts what amounts to trolling behavior.

They aren’t supposed to. The devs are away for the next 48 hours or so since it’s the weekend for them.

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  1. Generally the devs don’t like it for people to reply to bug report threads unless they can completely confirm or deny that the behavior is a bug. Preferably by linking to another thread about it.
  2. The behavior you are describing is indeed how the orbs have always worked, and the upgrade screen UI definitely explains it clearly. But…
  3. I think you are correct in that the way it’s worded on that screen can imply you can cherry-pick traits.

I get why players are arguing with you, because when orbs first released we went through a wave of this because even with the correct wording people hoped they could just unlock trait 3 and ignore the rest. But that would make Major orbs of Wisdom worth a lot less. Anyway, this isn’t the place for the players to argue with you, what you said is a fact: you feel misled and it’s not a stretch to believe it might work that way. I can’t think of a good way to reword it to be both concise and clear.

Maybe it could say “unlocks the next trait for a single troop”?

Anyway, I was trying to help, not argue; sorry if it seemed otherwise @Zerka64!

I just remember how hard it was starting out to learn some of the ins-and-outs of this game, and I thought responding to you would get you some clarification more quickly than you’d otherwise have it from the devs, and that it would be potentially more informative than the post getting the “Not a Bug” label.

Welcome to the game I play on the x1 too. For as long as its been out.

  1. You said in your post “word for word” that text was misleading, yes it is! But I would argue the ENTIRE $50 offer is marketing BS designed to trick new players.
  2. Things of value off the cuff: 50 Death Knight Armor. The 20 Clan package when its discounted to $5. For brand new players the $5 daily gem offer giving 225 Gems.
  3. If this offer has RNG and they tie in an “Orb of _Ascension _” then get it for $5.

As others have said, The devs live is Australia and take the weekend off.

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I agree with the OP that the description could easily be misleading, particularly to newer players.

It should be worded differently. The suggestion given above is much clearer.

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that word “any” would mislead even me if i didnt know how the orb worked already. it totally says “unlock any trait” on a card.

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The team have fixed this. The change will be in place before the next time these offers appear again. Thank you for raising the issue. :slight_smile: I have PM’d the original poster, if anyone else has concerns please reach out to support using this form or PM me.

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