[FIXED] Upcoming faction's weapon is not from linked kingdom

Platform, device version and operating system:

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Expected conditions for a faction event weapon:

  • Weapon has mastery requirements of 1000 (aka “Available from Bundles & Special Events only”)
  • Weapon shares the same mana colors as the faction
  • Weapon has Legendary rarity
  • Weapon comes from the linked kingdom

Actual results for weapon Id 1414 (Jelly Shot) in faction Dripping Caverns:

  • :white_check_mark: Mastery requirement: 1000
  • :white_check_mark: Same mana colors (Blue & Green)
  • :white_check_mark: Legendary rarity
  • :x: Comes from linked kingdom (Faction belongs to Grosh-Nak 3018, weapon is from Karakoth 3017)

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This is the first time happening, and it will start to happen on the faction release date of March 19th, 2021.

Steps to make it happen again
Play the game at release date, or ask my Discord bot about !faction Dripping Caverns & !weapon Jelly Shot (Data updated daily).

Maybe I’m wrong here, but the above logic works flawlessly for all other factions so far - plus the weapon’s kingdom could be a typo since it’s exactly one off.

Cheers, Gary.


Dripping Caverns has been pushed back. The preview stream is on March 29th.

And anything that hasn’t been released yet typically gets fiddled with until its actual release, which then they forget these items ever existed. They still have time to change things without a bug report.



Bug reporting anything that’s not released yet is pointless.

Data gathered from client before their release-date often changes before it’s go-life date. That data should be threaten as ‘highly inaccurate’…

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Another example being Rock Squid’s current spell.

I think what Gary is trying to alert the devs to is possible oversights, remember when the new faction released with a 1 digit error in the kingdom code and it ended up looking like this:

Or when the third trait on Amarok was noticed to have a trailing space before it was released.

These are all little things that get noticed by people who look at the code, and sometimes, like Amarok, because they get noticed, they get fixed before they are released. I’m not saying anyone is right or wrong and yes troop spells and graphics are often placeholder data but if something seems off, it doesn’t hurt to let the devs know incase it’s an oversight like the above examples.


That happened prior to the faction release, fwiw.

If I want to be nasty about it, this is what I actually think about it.

The devs were once on top of most of these minor issues. Yes, errors happened from time to time, but they typically took care of most of the minor things pre-release. This topic wouldn’t be needed.

Nowadays? 50/50 coin flip. So sure, maybe this topic needs to be around.

Remember to “Chose a color”


I am following this scheme of decision making:

please tell me what’s missing there.


Nothing. It’s just that I doubt, any of developers cares about placeholders they use prior to release, so i guess, if such thing is missed, whether anyone posts about it on forums or not, bug will go live…
And if it’s not missed out, topic is unnessesary.

So, if I were to draw a graph it wouldn’t have “Post a bug report?” boxes, but instead direct arrows to
“Bug can be fixed”, “Bug goes live” just from “Are the devs aware?”

If I were a Dev I probably would give the lowest priority to “potential bug reports based on pre-release data” having a huge pile of “Known Issues” and actual “bug reports” that went live.

But that’s only my attitude :man_shrugging: . Feel free to report any placeholder errors.

meaning: it either does not hurt, or it helps. If it doesn’t help - I at least tried to let someone know.


I think bug reports based on pre release data is fine. Good catch @gary_dils !

Ultimately the devs can ignore this if they so choose. No big deal.

Several factions have been released buggy. I couldn’t even play Labyrinth on release and that was recent. Alerting the devs of their buggy pre release content could help prevent that.


Technically Labyrinth was buggy ON release. It was just dreaded pre-release due to the jumbling mechanism. The bugs were only really noticed during gameplay.

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There was a troop that I thought was bugged prior to release (I don’t think I did a bug report, just bitched about it on a spoiler thread) and it turned out to be a placeholder. (So I myself have been at fault before.)

Maze Banner was reported as a bug prior to release (possibly by Gary, I’m not going to look to confirm because it doesn’t matter.) And by now we can assume it’s working as intended.

I don’t know who’s right or wrong here.

I will say I fear if we report bugs prior to actual release (unless you’re on the beta server doing so there) then the devs will eventually try to restrict the access. Even if a few times turn out to be correct.
As much as I hate bugs and wish the devs did better testing prior to releases. Stuff like this will probably do more harm than good…imo.

If the weapon is bugged though.

Perhaps change the mana colors to yellow and blue.:slightly_smiling_face:

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@alv-thanos re our beta discussion in beta bug reports. @Saltypatra @Kafka This weapon (Jelly Shot) has released on beta and is linked to Karakoth and not Grosh-Nak which is the linked kingdom for Dripping Caverns.

Kingdom ID requires changing from 3017 to 3018. Thanos has uploaded the screensnips if you need them.


If Friday is a holiday in Australia, the devs are off already for the weekend and this won’t be fixed before the faction release. :frowning:

This just went live. Together with the other bug reports this leaves me quite disappointed. Is it a bug now or not? My discord bot is patched against this by hardcoding the relationship of weapon and faction, which is the worst possible thing I could do to make it non-maintainable.

*scuttles off*


Of course it’s a bug, we were told that the faction weapon is supposed to help meet the weapon requirement of the associated kingdom. And it’s likely going to be waved off with yet another “spoke with the devs, works as intended”, just like many other reported bugs in the past months.


It was confirmed a bug in @Hawx’s second thread:


confirming the fix, will rename the topic in a sec: