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[WORKING ON A FIX] Dripping Caverns Weapon incorrectly linked to Karakoth

Platform, device version and operating system:
Happening on both Mobile Android, iOS and Steam. I assume it is also on PS and xbox

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
The community bug reported this when it was seen as spoilers some weeks ago but it was marked ‘Not a bug, faction release moved’. I believe that the devs mistakenly thought the the OP was referring to the date because it was mentioned in the comments however OP was about the kingdom ID.

Issue: The faction weapon is incorrectly linked to Karakoth and should be Grosh-Nak as per all previous factions where the faction troops and weapon is linked to the same overworld kingdom.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This has been in the spoilers for a month and was bug reported on beta and here on the forum.

Steps to make it happen again
Unlock Dripping Caverns, complete the quest line, use shards to get faction troops, go to faction event, buy tiers to get the weapon. Go to troops and inspect the kingdoms of Dripping Caverns troops do not match the faction weapon kingdom


This was reported 26 days ago, @Saltypatra

When do fail to fix such simple things before release, it doesn’t exactly paint you in a good light, and then the Community Manager has to deal with the fall-out of developer negligence.

Basically, we players feel that you really don’t care about the game or its players any more. Prove me wrong.


New Banner - Red++/Green++ … “it’s a bug!”…
New mechanic introduced… stone block manipulation… “so buggy, burn the devs”…
New effect introduced Lycantrophy… “worst effect ever”
New faction weapon linked to other Kingdom … “it’s a bug!”…
Campaign Silver pool has 2 different tasks of the same type… “it’s a bug!”… it’s not allowed!


  • don’t do anything new
  • the community feels entitled to make all design decisions and call out whatever they feel the devs are not doing “correctly”
  • use only existing troops as templates for new troops, e.g. color-swapped clones, maybe a brown/yellow Beetrix named Wasp?

:man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:


Could we try and keep it friendly please. This community forum was created to support the game and whether that is by cool community content, guides, unofficial lore, feedback or bug reports but if people are poked fun at for sharing bug reports then it’s only going to negatively impact on bug detection and reports in the future.

As a takeaway, when the underworld was first released, on streams and the forums and the community was told that ‘weapons would be released along with the troops which would count towards the kingdoms weapons which would be useful for power requirements’. I’m not saying that must still be the case but it is an irregularity and the previous bug was marked not a bug based on release date.

If it gets marked as not a bug, that’s ok because going forwards we know what to look out for and what we can accept as intended design.


This can’t be anything but a bug, any remotely competent designer would rather chop off their hands than sign this off. And that’s the worrying part, they may take the zero effort approach yet again by pretending its intentional. It’s a very common pattern for games scheduled to be shut down, strip down everything to a skeleton crew, crank out all remaining partially completed content, claim that everything is fine to keep the money flowing just a little bit longer, fold. I’m beginning to wonder how far GoW is away from that last step, going by the past months the others have already been taken.


I summarised about >12 negative community posts in one comment, and I get called for not being friendly? Please.


I guess that’s why you linked where it was marked not a bug, and [that subject edit] at the same time addressed the “upcoming faction” bit with “released moved”. As far as I can tell, that definitively marked Jelly Shot-Karakoth as [Not a bug]. But you’re OK with it. And you’re creating a brand new post.

As for friendly, I don’t know how to judge comments like this

As if the devs were having trouble finding the issue and what to change, being the reason for them not following your prodding to change the code. Very condescending if you were to ask me.

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Good thing nobody asks you then.

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Do you work for 505 Games? Because basically the issue with the devs and you are one in the same.

Half the shit you cited is actually bugged while the other half is a “feature” and we never know which is which until weeks after release until the REAL devs confirm…or decide which is which.

Stone blocks can cause the game to stalemate into a loss. (Confirmed to be not intended.)

I myself have done multiple bug reports on Lycanthropy beyond my original opinion piece showing how truly broken it actually is.

And yes 1 banner that doesn’t match the 61 other banners in the game is probably worth a second review.

Jesus dude. Do you have zero awareness for the litany of mistakes the devs have made in the past year a lone and have zero semblance on how that can cost them credibility?

New thread is due to the very logical assumption that Salty marked “not a bug” to the release date. Not the kingdom link.

Since Salty didn’t bother to clarify that it wasn’t a bug and just did the bare minimum. Further information is being requested. Weird.🤷


Interested to see if the devs say this is working as intended, ignore it, or change it.

Didn’t the community love this? Yes there is a bug associated with stone blocks, but overall my impression was people liked the new mechanic.

Posting bug reports does not mean burn the devs. It’s just a bug report. @Hawx was polite in this report too.

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Yes, the mechanic and troops introduced with Duergaroth were well received. People got upset because the developers didn’t do enough QA. The response to Lycanthropy would’ve been much more mild (‘Eh, another pointless RNG mechanic nobody’s gonna remember 6 months from now, too bad about EoE’) had they done enough QA to fix the game breaking bug introduced a week before Guild Wars.

As for banners, weapons and campaign tasks: There’s nobody at IP2 managing expectations - at all.

Expectation: Convention as established by the previous 26 delve banners/weapons will be followed.
Community Question: Why is this one different? Oversight? Bug? Funzies?
Official Answer: “[WORKING AS INTENDED]” followed by silence.
Conclusion: They don’t know either (bug/oversight) or convention has been broken intentionally and they won’t tell us because unknown reasons.
Suggestion: A single line in the patch notes or on the forums would’ve been much, much better to manage expectations than a “[WORKING AS INTENDED]” followed by silence.

“Good news, adventurers! Banners and weapons have been freed from the shackles of convention and will offer players more options going forward!”


And if ever there was a holy grail of trust issues.

“Pet Gnomes in the Arena”

After the revamp I respectfully asked Salty if pet gnomes had been removed from the arena. She gave the honest answer that to the best of her knowledge nothing had changed (not a Direct quote but something to that affect.)

That was like after a month of them being MIA. After 2 months I asked the community. Still MIA. After 3 months I finally did a bug report. (Btw forum rulers these timelines are purely narrative devices. I don’t recall nor am I going to look up the actual time line.)
Zero acknowledgement from any dev about that bug report… Even now 6? Months later. But a month or 2 after the bug report, Pet Gnomes “magically” appeared again in the arena.

That’s just the public shit.

You don’t even know what goes on behind closed doors in things like tickets. And say Legendary Task configurations. Like day a guild doing 1600 LT without a Mythic LT. A ticket finally making it’s way past the 2 month lag time. And then a week later that same guild “magically” getting it’s first Mythic LT in 6 months (previously getting Mythic LT monthly at least). As if the system had been broken prior to the ticket but zero compensation was offered due to the brokeness. Nor was the brokeness acknowledged in anyway in the automatic reply email. Weird.

There’s no real world example I can compare it to without offending someone. But it seems like we (the community) are being tasked now to protect the devs from themselves. And to do whatever we can to keep GoW alive. Financially supporting it isn’t enough. Because 505 is just bleeding it dry by making money come out but not putting money into it.

So yes, we 100% support the devs. We just don’t support the self-destruction of Gems of a War.


Yes, you’ve hit upon the bigger issue at play here, which is what I was going to say yesterday when I read this topic… but wanted to stay out of the little flamewar going on. Glad I’m not alone in my thinking.

The largest problem this game has right now is a communications one, between developers and players.

There’s enough blame to pass around to both groups so it’s definitely not one sided… however, the developers aren’t helping matters very much with the obvious focus on monetization in all the patches in the last year.

Also, unfortunately for the developers, players have been correct in the past about a couple really important things, which inflated some egos. It’s created a vicious circle.


Awryan, we dont deserve you, thanks for liking this game so much. Its crazy how are still people defending the lack of interest in quality from the devs.


Our team is working on a fix for this issue now.


Hi Salty,

This issue was reported almost a full month before the Faction went live. The thread was incorrectly marked as not being a bug.

Why is this only being addressed now, post-release?

For reference: [NOT A BUG, FACTION RELEASE MOVED] Upcoming faction's weapon is not from linked kingdom


Here’s Salty’s response to this issue on stream: Twitch Watch between 7m 14s - 10m 05s.

I found Salty’s response weird. She said she only checks bug reports once or twice a week which is fine but I don’t know how that is relevant. This was reported 4 weeks ago. So, by what she said, this could’ve been addressed any time in those four weeks. It seems she doesn’t know what I want. I don’t expect her to fix things, that’s not her job. I do expect bug reports to be labelled correctly, even if it’s just “investigating”, which clearly this wasn’t since she tagged it as “not a bug”. I do expect if she says something in response like she checks bug reports once to twice a week, that it be relevant to what’s being discussed and this was weeks ago so ?


I watched the clip, here’s a summary for those who choose not to:

Snooj: asks about incorrect weapon link

Salty: I only check bug reports a couple times a week and this week was holidays.

Snooj: But this bug was reported four weeks ago.

Salty: I’ve reported it, don’t blame me.

Snooj: I’m not blaming you, I just don’t understand why this wasn’t addressed earlier, as you’ve had several weeks outside the holidays to look into this.

Salty: I’ve reported it, I don’t know what else you want from me.


My impression is that bugs get forwarded, in most cases there just isn’t anybody available any longer who would work on them. If there isn’t any response Salty sets the bug report to “NOT A BUG”, claims it’s working as intended to make the game appear less abandoned and never looks at the bug report again unless prompted. Otherwise she’ll set the status based on the response and revisit the bug report once or twice each week. This might sound a little mean but it’s pretty common procedure for games way past their prime.


Salty probably saw a bug report for unreleased content, marked it NOT A BUG assuming it was placeholder data that would be corrected, and then has egg on the face now that she doesn’t want to admit to by saying, “I made a mistake a month ago, sorry,” even though that would be the best way to handle it. Accountability and restitution (which is happening, thankfully — problems are less problematic if they get fixed [eventually]).

Other possibilities also exist: she could have just skimmed (and so misunderstood) the initial bug report, or passed it off to someone else who didn’t understand the report in the same way she did, etc…etc…

Doesn’t really matter — the damage to the QA team is done, but if you take a hammer to a Ford that’s already rusted and in need of a new windshield, does one new dent really have an impact on people’s impressions? :man_shrugging:


Salty takes her bug report to Dev A - it’s not a bug

One month later

Salty takes the same bug report to Dev B - yeah it’s a bug

Salty, isn’t perfect. But you’ll never catch her running over her coworkers with a bus. (Even with the “don’t blame me” frustrated admission.)

Y’all can theory craft it deeper if you want. But to me that’s how I see it I played out.

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